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Daily Prompt: VIP

Daily Prompt: VIP: Who’s the most important person in your life — and how would your day-to-day existence be different without them?

My mother.  She’s the one.  At this point of my life, she’s the one who matters most.  I’m here in this big city opt for work and I’ve been here for more than three years now yet I was only able to visit my hometown for just five days.  I’m not really alone here.  I live with my relatives and got my own circle of friends — the real ones.  I got my life here as well for work has always been here now.

Yet, though how settled and independent I am for I can surely take care of myself now, I still can’t take it off my heart that I still miss my mother.  I really miss her so much especially at times I’m all alone and the world seems to have closed its doors on me.

I got to have a lot of friends.  You name it, I got it.  I got them almost everywhere.  Wherever I go around the whole Metro Manila, I got friends.  I meet them sometimes.  I even catch time with them.  Yet friends are friends.  They come and they go.  They stay and they leave.  Some are worthwhile and some are so-so.  Some truly understands you and pick you up at times you’re down while some are what we call fair-weather friends.  They stay when you’re upbeat but they leave when you’re no longer of use for them.

Regarding relationships, I don’t know.  I’m not searching for one for I’m all happy for what I have now.  I’m not looking for someone to be with in the future for — this is my future!  I already got the past.  I’m happy being Single.  Oh no. I am Single and happy!  That’s it.  Besides, love is not just about an intimate relationship with a partner but it’s all everything that’s beautiful around us.  I can make myself fall in love at anytime.  I just look at one thing and I’m in love.


But my intimate love is my mother.  She’s my whole life.  I don’t know if I could handle it if I’ll lose her.  She’s been there for me way before it all started and even now, she’s still there for me though she’s miles away.  She welcomed me and took me for who I really am after all these years and after all that happened.  She got a few questions yet she accepted what answer she got from me.  She’s this type of person who befriends her daughter and loves as a mother.  She’s my unrequited love.


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Daily Prompt: Fantasy

Daily Prompt: Fantasy: The Tooth Fairy (or Easter Bunny, or Santa Claus . . .) : a fun and harmless fiction, or a pointless justification for lying to children?

AN EASTER BUNNY is something I do not believe for it’s a Western Culture.  I’m from the East.  The Tooth Fairy, I never believed that as well.  But for the Dust Fairy?  The one that sprinkle dust in your eyes for you to fall asleep?  I used to when I was still a little child but I realized that it’s all imaginary when I got to learn Science.  And for Santa Claus, he’s another Western belief.  He lives up the North Pole while I live here near the Tropic of Cancer and my climate is always humid.  Yet, I do!  I do believe in Santa Claus — even now — but in a different way!

I BELIEVE IN THE SPIRIT of Christmas.  I believe in the Yuletide carol.  I believe in the Holy Family and the new-born Jesus.  Despite that, I still believe in Santa Claus but as a Christmas spirit that bring children back to God.  I believe that somehow, he plays this role that’s not really obviously well interpreted by many for he’s been popularly known as a Christmas gift giver for a millennium now, but this role that I’m pertaining to is somehow still related to the Spirit of Christmas but for the goodness and unity with the Holy Trinity just being popularly expressed in the personification of Santa Claus.  I believe in his contribution to children to be closer to God and learn the difference between right and wrong but not with the literal part which is the giving of gifts. The connotation was just incorrectly interpreted and forwarded from generation to generation.  Children should be taught that the spirit of Santa Claus only exists in the hearts of a child and remains as a helper of bringing the child closer to Jesus, and to understand that the real essence of Christmas is not really the giving of gifts and receiving one but the giving of Salvation to mankind through the birth of Jesus Christ, and that the Yuletide carol and hanging of lanterns serve as the celebration of the reconciliation of God with the brethren of Adam and Eve.

new born Jesus

I GUESS, CHILDREN JUST HAVE to be taught that the essence of Christmas is not with Santa Claus but with the birth of Jesus Christ for Santa Claus only helps children to meet Jesus on Christmas Day.


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Daily Prompt: Seven Days

Daily Prompt: Seven Days: You wake up tomorrow morning to find all your plans have been cancelled for the next seven days and $10,000 on your dresser. Tell us about your week.

$10,000 is already a very big money here in the country and if I have to spend it within the next seven days, it’s never gonna be thrown to waste.  Here, my life is just as plain as the road that I keep tracking down.  It’s just as clean as the blue sky above and it’s just as open as the book I love reading over and over again.

In my first fifteen years of life, I’ve lived grandiosely.  My parents provided me and my siblings more than adequate and I truly satisfied myself.  I enjoyed my fairytale-like childhood and all my dolls and preppy dresses which I never realized how expensive they were.  I got most of what I needed and I enjoyed most of what I wanted, but not recently.

Years turned pages and so as my life.  Everything I used to enjoy were all gone.  After my Doctor Dad died, I indirectly turned to be a breadwinner until such time, I realized that I already was, and I am now.  I work hard in this big city to provide my family their daily needs.  I work hard to pay my family’s undying debts and so as mine.  I work hard to find myself, reach my goals and to somehow twist my reality.  I wish I could make things better.  Though I know that I can never bring back what my family used to have but at least, I could give my mother a better life for her elderly years.  I love her so much and I’ll do everything for her.  I came here in this big city for her.  She’s always been part of my dreams and for all my failures and accomplishments, she’s always there.  My big sister as well for she had done a lot of sacrifices for me when I was still in College.  She gave up her life just to have me finish and now that I successfully graduated from College and was able to get a well compensating job, I’m always gonna be there to pick her up at times she drops.  Part of my life are my sister-like two nieces for the big one has been living with us all her life treating my mother, who happened to be her grandmother, as her second mother as well, while the little one has been so used rushing at home at times she hated theirs for she treats my big sister, who happened to be her aunt, as her second mother.  These two little kids are actually biologically sisters and they just love hanging around with us.

If given a chance, a one in a million chance, if only unselfish and just seeing a $10,000 worth of money in my closet, I’ll spend it with them.  I’ll have it fractioned.  The first $2,000 will go for the family debt and so as mine.  The second will be for my big sister in putting up a small business.  The third will go to the bank, $1,000 for my mother’s savings and the other $1,000 for mine.  The fourth will be for a small unit here in the city for I want to take them all with me and just leave the province for good, and for buying the necessary things for settling down.  And the last part, will be for my two nieces’ education here in the city.  They would need the money very soon.

They worth more than $10,000!

They worth more than $10,000!

Engrandeng Bakasyon, Vacaccion Grande, Grand Vacation or however you call it.  That’s all that will first come to mind, I’m sure.  $10,000 is already a very big money here in the country and if I have to spend it within the next seven days, definitely, it will never be gone to waste.  I can travel my country very soon.  I can even travel the whole world if given the chance but, with all I experienced with my family especially during the difficult years when we lost everything we got, I wouldn’t want a grand vacation anymore.  A well compensating stable job, a little unit I can call my own, to lessen my debts, and to keep my family with me all in good health — they all worth more than $10,000!


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Daily Prompt: All Grown Up

Daily Prompt: All Grown Up: When was the first time you really felt like a grown up (if ever)?

AT MY AGE, I still go back to my yesterdays when I was still a little child for no matter how grown up I am now, I still miss my fixation stage and the times I spent with my mother, crack jokes with her, act childishly, boisterously laugh with my big sister, hanging out with  my high school friends, and above all, my undisputed fifteen years of being with my late twin sister.  They’re so sweet and familiar yet my present is quite more upbeat and adventurous though.  In the past, I can hardly recall the times I acted so grown up already for there were a lot of instances when I had to stand for what I believe in and they all took a real an adrenalin rush.  Partly I enjoyed, partly I got scared and partly I felt lonely and just wanted to run home.  A lot just happened in my life and funny how I can still recall most of them while the other some, I just can hardly remember.

My photo taken yearback December 2009!

My photo taken year back December 2009!

YET, IF THERE’S this first time I ever felt like a real grown up, I would say that, it was the time I moved away from home and got myself here in Metro Manila for a Call Center job.  It was an adventure for me for, though I had already previously visited Manila, I still had never settled for good and that time, I had to and it surely excited me.  Just to say that, though I was still in my own country, the place was still very foreign and strange.  I got culture shocked at first time for life here was just so far different from my province.  Here, life was so fast yet back in my hometown, all was easy and lay-back.  I wasn’t used in a severe traffic, then I had to hurry for I’ll be late.  I had to work in Makati and the travel was long.  Everything here was just too expensive and I was still on a very tight budget.  Overall, lifestyle was really different.  I also had to be very mindful for I never knew whom to trust.  Life here in this big city was so difficult and I can never count the number of times I used to say, “I’m quitting!” and I just wanted to go back home yet I just can’t for home was just miles away.  I can never forget my many sleepless nights and crying times.  It took time for me to adjust and thank GOD, I was able to.  He helped me out in this big city and He guided me all along.  He was my only refuge and I got no one to hold on but Him.  And here now, I’m all grown up now.  I’m already stronger and I already learned a lot from this sole journey.  This is the only place I’ve stayed longer than usual except for my hometown.  Though I can never deny that I easily get depressed lately and I once again have this feeling of being homesick and just want to go back home but I’m fighting it because — it’s all here!  My life is all here.  I have already settled here and I already made it for three straight years.  There’s just no room for quitting anymore.  Besides, my work is here, my circle of friends, my relatives, my life.

My photo taken last January 2013!

My photo taken last January 2013!

GOD is indeed good.  He gave me adequately.  He never came too early nor too late.  And, I’ll say it again — HE DOES NOT COME TOO EARLY NOR TOO LATE!


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Daily Prompt: Places

Daily Prompt: Places: Beach, mountain, forest, or somewhere else entirely?

The Forever Historical Hispanic Beauty of Intramuros, Manila (the city within the city)!

Intramuros or literally means “within walls” is a city in Manila surrounded with thick brick walls built by the Spaniards during their era in the country.  The walls were built to protect the Spanish Governor-General, its administration and the whole city as well from any possible invasion for they all thought that the city would be forever a Spanish colony therefore they had it as the center of the Philippine-Spanish government.  The walls were never destroyed yet served as remains and attraction of the historical city within a city.  For further details, just click on each picture.



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Daily Prompt: Seconds!

Daily Prompt: Seconds!  Describe the most satisfying meal you’ve ever eaten, in glorious detail.

sinigang na baboyThis has always been my favorite dish ever since I was a little girl.  It’s a Filipino dish called “Sinigang na Baboy” or Pork Sinigang which literally means “a pot of pork with tamarind soup.”

I so love the sour taste of it’s soup especially when it’s salty and sour flavors mix, it’s a mouthful of flavor that would play around your tongue giving you a sudden thrill in your cheekbones as it’s sour taste emanates waking your senses destroying your face as your nerves shrink in with it’s tangy acid taste.

It’s been my everlasting love since childhood and I would never get sick of sipping it’s sour soup and eating it’s sour pork everyday.

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Interpretations of Love

Interpretations of Love

pizzaLOVE IS A STATE OF MIND.  It’s when you’re doing what you’re comfortable of doing.  It’s like a hobby that you’re used with that you just mastered for so long and would just come out so naturally from you.  It’s your cup of coffee that you cannot start your day without.  It’s your morning paper that you never miss every morning.  It’s that daily train that you take a ride with every morning that always prevent you from being late from reporting to work.  It’s that favourite piece of cake from a store just around the corner that you always crave for every afternoon after work.  It’s that simple conversation with a friend that made you felt liked and loved.  It’s that long empty bench that no one appreciates yet you always sit on as you wait for your daily afternoon bus ride.  It’s your pet dog that you play with everytime you arrive home.

LOVE IS NOT JUST ABOUT how you feel for another person whether an opposite sex, a relative or a friend.  It’s all about the comfortability that you get out of something that makes you happy even just for a moment and wouldn’t make you sick of everytime you experience it.  Let’s not make it complicated.  It’s as simple as the word itself.  Just look around.  It’s all everything that’s beautiful around you.


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