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Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details: The Love of My Life!

My love for Starbucks coffee!

My love for Starbucks coffee!

MAY BE OF COMMON BEVERAGE for many enjoys it elsewhere yet, Starbucks is my forever true love for everytime I pass by a shop, I always make a stop.  The store itself invites me for I know that once I get inside, I would always want to spoil myself with its mouthful taste of coffee and vanilla with its enticing aroma of milk and caramel all rising up in the air, waking my senses, relaxing my brains, and forever giving me this obvious connotation that though the walk is forever long, there’s always tomorrow so why not forget for a while and get captured for a moment.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

OrtigasWELCOME TO ORTIGAS PASIG CENTER — the second home that welcomed me the time I departed from Makati, the industrial capital of the Philippines.  Here is where I was given a second chance, a second time, a second attempt, a second move to continue what I have started.  Here is where I once again dreamed and relived.  Here is where opportunities opened up for me.  When life hits me down the cracks in Ayala, I run here in Ortigas and it’s always been my routine ever since.

THIS IS QUITE SIMILAR to Ayala Avenue for this place is full of life with big-time cars and high buildings.  It’s just that traffic is less here for mostly private vehicles and just some cabs and public mini van utilities are allowed to pass through unlike in Ayala where all kinds of buses and jeepneys are allowed for it’s really the city’s main access road from and to other cities in the whole Metro Manila.

THE LAST TIME I’VE VISITED the place was last month when Team Makati visited Team Ortigas for a lunch out get-together.  It was fun and I was with my whole team.  I may be visiting the place again some time next week and I’m looking forward to that.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

kissTHIS IS A PICTURE taken 2 years ago when I visited my God-daughter on the day she was born.  After how many years, almost a decade, it was just the only time I was able to hold a new born child again and it felt so awesome.  She’s very tiny and fragile where you’ll be scared of holding her for the scare of falling her off or breaking her up yet I can never forget the thrill I felt that time.  It felt like she’s my child and that she’s born on this earth for me.  The thrill was really different and every child you hold gives you different thrills which are very unique.  A thrill that makes you want to live your life even longer.

AS A LOT OF SONGS clearly emphasized on their lyrics that when you love a child, you don’t just forgive seven times seven but it’s seven times seventy-one.  I sometimes get to the point where I’m torn into half for I long for a child of my own believing that she’s the only one who would complete me but on the other minute, I get to the point where I thank God for I got no child yet for I can even hardly manage myself at times depression hit me down the drain; how much more having a child with me.  I don’t think I could ever handle it and it would be very unfair for her for her mother is always depressed instead of taking good care of her, raising her, her mother is assisted by her grandmother instead for she’s Bipolar.

I GET TO THE POINT where I feel sorry for myself ending up this way yet having this picture and everytime I look at it, I always feel so whole again.  It encourages me to keep living my life the way I should and that one day, all these depression will be completely gone and once that happen, I know, I’ll be ready for it.  By that time, I’ll have a child of my own and I’ll nourish her and give her all the love in the world.

An entry for’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss with the theme, “Kiss. There are a lot of ways to capture a kiss, between two people – lovers, family, friends; two animals, or even just the sending or receiving of a kiss”


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

being at home!HOME is the sweetest word there is on Earth.  It simply holds it all.  It speaks on its behalf.  It’s warm and inviting.  It’s tender and caring.  It landslides in all corners expressing all the love in the world.  It shouts all by itself explaining every thought and every reason beating all high English ways dictionaries could ever define it.

HOME is like our pet dog waiting for us by the window with its tongue out and tail wiggling.  It’s like a kite a little boy enjoys watching up high as the wind blows and drives it over.  It’s like the little cups little girls play during tea parties.

HOME is where we had our first memory.  It’s where we had our first spill on the shirt.  It’s where we first wounded our knees when we ran after our toys.  It’s where we had our first dreams.  It’s where we loved and lost.

BECAUSE of all these default conceptions preset in our mind, we long so much for home where we tend to forget the place that once sheltered and welcomed us the time we first moved away from home.  We tend to forget the four corners that once served as our refuge at times we were alone and had no one to lean on.  We tend to forget the unnoticeable warmth we undeniably enjoyed in this little ordinary place.  This little ordinary place where we learned how to be strong and confident, reach our dreams, meet new friends, evolve in our different career paths, and learn to love and lose.  This place where we developed our well-being and grew as better individuals.  This place we call a second home.

WHEREVER we are and whatever it is, as long as our heart’s in it, it’s HOME!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

In a new post specifically created for this challenge, share a picture that evokes HOME for you.

The above the article was a humble entry for the above linked writing challenge. Click on the link for more details.


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