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My 2013 Has Been An Everyday Knock On The Door!

2013 stands by its number. It’s shouting all over the year. It’s counting all year round. It’s ticking time as it’s writing each page. It’s marking up smiles and tears, laughs and screams, love and hate, accomplishments and failure, honesty and betrayal. In 2013, everyday is a new day. Everyday is a fight. Everyday is another story. Everyday is enough for so much happens in every day of this year.

During the first trimester, I kept whining about my everyday for I used to say that 2013 and I were never compatible for we’ve never agreed on something right. It was like everything was just falling out of place. It was like everything I was holding on was just breaking off my hands crashing into million pieces. The very first day of this year handed me off with flu wrapped in fancy paper that ended up as Influenza making me sickly and weak for almost two weeks. Then the next month tormented me with extreme manic-depressive moodswings that well settled right at the center of my heart. Worse was that, I entertained them that made them last until May. Regarding June, June was layback. June was peaceful and healing. June was a shower of blessings all up until my birth month. It’s just that, my birthdate has always been so depressive for it forever reminds me of my beautiful other half who peacefully rests in my heart. Then came August. August was another downfall while September was another high-rise and it continuously sways me up and down through peaks and valleys all throughout these remaining ber-months. One foot of mine quickly steps right up the pedestal while the other gets a hard time pulling itself off 6-feet under.

2013 has never been a year for me for it’s constantly consuming my emotions feeding upon my inner ground leaving me all restless and empty-handed. It had me go on extra miles to test my faith and my whole being. It had me through extreme depression which I never thought I would survive. It had me through losing all I got left. It had me through all false accusations, betrayal and abandonment of friends. Nice friends they were and nice friends they all remain yet for real, I can simply count with my fingers.

Days are still to pass and nights are still to count yet, for whatever it takes, I’m crossing my fingers for despite it all, part of me is still thankful that 2013 passed for it made me realize who I really am and what I’m really capable of. It made me realize all that I deserve to keep and all that I should have released so long ago. It made me understand all my undying emotions better and how to handle them as they randomly surface from within leaving me helplessly scattered all over the floor. I still get those days and I’m not here to deny that yet, I can handle them better now. Afterall, I’m still alive! I somehow survived and because of that, I guess, I must be doing something right.

Next year will be another year for me yet, I’m not sure if I should excite myself. Yes, I’m getting over my incompatible year and I’m about to leave all unhealthy load this year. Yet, 2014 is another stranger. I would never know what it has for me until it comes around. Yet, come what may, I’ll work on it. I’ll perserveringly work on it. Though 2013 and I are not really getting along with each other well, I’m still gonna end this year right. I’m leaving all my lumps behind. I’m leaving all my unnecessary load. I’m leaving all everything I call nice yet, contributes nothing but never-ending betrayal and abandonment. I’m giving my little heart a break. I’m giving myself respect by walking away from piles of rusty gold. I’ve already gone through months of total bewilderness and I finally found myself. I missed myself lately and I missed a lot this year. I guess it’s just about time to let everything go for it’s better off my way than to be surrounded with fancy little stuff that doesn’t really wanna be there making me feel even more deserted.

2013 has been an everyday knock on the door — you never know what to expect!

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This Cricket’s Singing Stone!

You keep the search yet, you’ll never find for beneath the mosses she sleeps all throughout.  Still unknown to many for she’s feared for the lost of the foreign for though she sleeps, she takes all in.  The curtains of the mosses keeps everything in.  For beneath is the land that once has been put into sleep way when time was still young and history was still in the mouth of the wise.  Yet, in due time, you will find for just underneath, all quietly, she lies.

You’ve willed your way and you’re opt to come back.  In due time, a reunion of two spirits.  A unification that was long been told by the wise that’s yet to come, for you still soar in the midst of wander.  You’ve been running searches and still you do.  You might see one, you might see none.  You might find paths that will make you confuse.  For whatever it is and whatever awaits, I still pray on this cricket’s singing stone that one day, you’ll find your way back.  I will not force, I will not stand.  There’ll be no voice but a little prayer will find you and guide you and will lighten your path back to your stream.  Let it flow.  Let it will your way for this dries never and fervently flows back in this direction.  My love awaits you as my prayer guides you.  May you flourish in time and soon be back home.

Lead your path and wander as you please but by the end of it all, you’ll realize that the flourish land you’ve been searching all this time is just right where you left, here on this cricket’s singing stone.


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Travel theme: International Women’s Day

Travel theme: International Women’s Day: This week’s theme is wide open for however you want to celebrate the woman or women in your life, or all women in general. A portrait, essay, something symbolic, or a place that reminds you of someone.

These are the beautiful women in my life here in Metro Manila and cheers to our womanhood!

And don’t forget to check out Where’s my backpack?, the forerunner of this Travel Theme Writing Contest.  Feel free to join if you like.  For more details, click on the name link.

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Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood

Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood


Metro Manila is the metropolitan of cities.  Here is where the national capital is located and the neighboring cities are already indirectly considered as part of it.  To have a glimpse, below are the different pictures I’ve collected in years of staying here.

This is Makati, the Industrial capital of the country.  Here is where I work.

This is Ortigas Pasig Center located in the heart of Pasig, the newly progressing city in the metropolitan.

This is Manila, the national capital of the Philippines.  This city has this Spanish influence that is so obvious in almost every street corner.

This is The Fort Global City in Taguig.  It’s the little Dubai in the Philippines for all the electrical cords and wiring are underground.


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Saturday Edition – What I’m Writing and Reading

Saturday Edition – What We’re Writing and Reading

What I’m Writing:

I write about anything under the sun.  Anything that would catch my interest.  Usually, how I do it is that, at my wee hours especially at times that I’m really bored and that I just can’t make time turn faster, though I got nothing to do and nothing coming into mind on what to write about, I just sit in front of the computer, access my WordPress profile, read some stuff with either the blogs I follow or any topic on Freshly Pressed, then boom!  I’m already writing about something and once I start a topic, I can hardly stop myself then I’ll just notice how time flies so fast.  That’s how I usually write my blogs yet, often times though, my topics are mostly related to my emotions like at times I feel lonely, I get depressed or when I get pissed on something, I usually write them away to move on faster.

Yet, for a routine, something that I really write about are the following:

  • It’s a little novel that I’m starting to write.  It’s all about issues that may arise in a typical family and how the members survive.  This is more inspirational and I’m targeting the hearts of the readers.  This is supposedly my second unpublished novel.  Unfortunately, I lost the material of the first one in Cagayan de Oro City, the city down South I first settled for work year back 2006.
  • There’s this third novel I’m also starting to write but this one got a different twist.  It’s more like Suspense and fast-pace.  The problem here is that, I can’t figure out a title yet.  I haven’t published any book or article yet, but I’m hoping to have one soon.  I just completely have no idea on how to do it and I also know that it will cost a lot.

What I’m Reading:

I actually write more often than read but at times I read, it’s almost the same — just anything under the sun.  Anything that would catch my interest.  Yet, usually I don’t read at times I’m bored because, I don’t know.  I just don’t feel like doing so.  I don’t really have a routine when it comes to reading.  I haven’t even set any plan on when to read and how often should I read in a week.  I don’t even rarely run after authors.

Yet, if there’s a certain author and article I really read and follow, these are the following:

  • Reader’s Digest Weekly Subscription: I read about their “True Stories” Edition — Love, Inspiring and Amazing Survival Stories, for I love real life stories especially those at times of crisis.  I love real life stories because I’m often depressed and at times I am, I write more often and everytime I get to read a real life story of another person, I get back to my senses and appreciate life more.  I also follow their “Funny Jokes” and “Cartoons”
  • Bipolar Disorder Articles: Since I’m Bipolar and though I’m aware of my disorder, I still can hardly control my emotions at times they surface.  I read any online article regarding Bipolar disorder and how to control it.  At times I’m at a bookstore, I brush on some good books about it, too.  It’s just that, I don’t buy the book instead I just scan them at the bookstore then return it back to the bookshelf after reading.
  • The Daily Bread: I started reading this Religious book since the day I got it.  Well, I just got it last March 8 from my Sister in Christ.  I read it everyday before going to bed at night and early morning before I face the day.  As I mentioned, I’m usually depressed.  It’s who I am for I’m Bipolar and I cannot deny the times I get severe mood swings.  This book helps me a lot in knowing myself deeper in the presence of God and reminds me at times I get my emotions surface and I just can hardly control them.

For two weeks now, this has been my, I guess I can call it a routine now but I don’t know for how long for as I mentioned, I don’t really have any routine.  Yet, I enjoy it.

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Daily Prompt: Fantasy

Daily Prompt: Fantasy: The Tooth Fairy (or Easter Bunny, or Santa Claus . . .) : a fun and harmless fiction, or a pointless justification for lying to children?

AN EASTER BUNNY is something I do not believe for it’s a Western Culture.  I’m from the East.  The Tooth Fairy, I never believed that as well.  But for the Dust Fairy?  The one that sprinkle dust in your eyes for you to fall asleep?  I used to when I was still a little child but I realized that it’s all imaginary when I got to learn Science.  And for Santa Claus, he’s another Western belief.  He lives up the North Pole while I live here near the Tropic of Cancer and my climate is always humid.  Yet, I do!  I do believe in Santa Claus — even now — but in a different way!

I BELIEVE IN THE SPIRIT of Christmas.  I believe in the Yuletide carol.  I believe in the Holy Family and the new-born Jesus.  Despite that, I still believe in Santa Claus but as a Christmas spirit that bring children back to God.  I believe that somehow, he plays this role that’s not really obviously well interpreted by many for he’s been popularly known as a Christmas gift giver for a millennium now, but this role that I’m pertaining to is somehow still related to the Spirit of Christmas but for the goodness and unity with the Holy Trinity just being popularly expressed in the personification of Santa Claus.  I believe in his contribution to children to be closer to God and learn the difference between right and wrong but not with the literal part which is the giving of gifts. The connotation was just incorrectly interpreted and forwarded from generation to generation.  Children should be taught that the spirit of Santa Claus only exists in the hearts of a child and remains as a helper of bringing the child closer to Jesus, and to understand that the real essence of Christmas is not really the giving of gifts and receiving one but the giving of Salvation to mankind through the birth of Jesus Christ, and that the Yuletide carol and hanging of lanterns serve as the celebration of the reconciliation of God with the brethren of Adam and Eve.

new born Jesus

I GUESS, CHILDREN JUST HAVE to be taught that the essence of Christmas is not with Santa Claus but with the birth of Jesus Christ for Santa Claus only helps children to meet Jesus on Christmas Day.


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SUNDAY POST : Captivating

SUNDAY POST : Captivating: To influence and dominate by some special charm, art, or trait and with an irresistible appeal.

Today is a winding road and it's taken me to places that I haven't gone yet.

Photo captured by Wilmz Saunil, my cousin.

It’s a winding road way up the hill heading Baguio City up north in the Philippines.  Its nature’s beauty shouts on its behalf inviting a traveler to keep going, surprising you on where it heads, where it turns next and on what’s way ahead of it.  Every turn is full of surprises for its forever amazing and overwhelming panoramic view satisfies your soul, bursts your ego and rushes your adrenalin anticipating you to get way on top of it.  Every second makes you count, every moment takes your breath away, every view nails your eyes as you keep moving upward confusing you on which way to look at for every site captures your imagination.  It’s enticingly beautiful making a mass hysteria right inside of you creating inner rapids right in your heart leaving you dizzy and breathless.

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