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Saturday Edition – What I’m Writing and Reading

Saturday Edition – What We’re Writing and Reading

What I’m Writing:

I write about anything under the sun.  Anything that would catch my interest.  Usually, how I do it is that, at my wee hours especially at times that I’m really bored and that I just can’t make time turn faster, though I got nothing to do and nothing coming into mind on what to write about, I just sit in front of the computer, access my WordPress profile, read some stuff with either the blogs I follow or any topic on Freshly Pressed, then boom!  I’m already writing about something and once I start a topic, I can hardly stop myself then I’ll just notice how time flies so fast.  That’s how I usually write my blogs yet, often times though, my topics are mostly related to my emotions like at times I feel lonely, I get depressed or when I get pissed on something, I usually write them away to move on faster.

Yet, for a routine, something that I really write about are the following:

  • It’s a little novel that I’m starting to write.  It’s all about issues that may arise in a typical family and how the members survive.  This is more inspirational and I’m targeting the hearts of the readers.  This is supposedly my second unpublished novel.  Unfortunately, I lost the material of the first one in Cagayan de Oro City, the city down South I first settled for work year back 2006.
  • There’s this third novel I’m also starting to write but this one got a different twist.  It’s more like Suspense and fast-pace.  The problem here is that, I can’t figure out a title yet.  I haven’t published any book or article yet, but I’m hoping to have one soon.  I just completely have no idea on how to do it and I also know that it will cost a lot.

What I’m Reading:

I actually write more often than read but at times I read, it’s almost the same — just anything under the sun.  Anything that would catch my interest.  Yet, usually I don’t read at times I’m bored because, I don’t know.  I just don’t feel like doing so.  I don’t really have a routine when it comes to reading.  I haven’t even set any plan on when to read and how often should I read in a week.  I don’t even rarely run after authors.

Yet, if there’s a certain author and article I really read and follow, these are the following:

  • Reader’s Digest Weekly Subscription: I read about their “True Stories” Edition — Love, Inspiring and Amazing Survival Stories, for I love real life stories especially those at times of crisis.  I love real life stories because I’m often depressed and at times I am, I write more often and everytime I get to read a real life story of another person, I get back to my senses and appreciate life more.  I also follow their “Funny Jokes” and “Cartoons”
  • Bipolar Disorder Articles: Since I’m Bipolar and though I’m aware of my disorder, I still can hardly control my emotions at times they surface.  I read any online article regarding Bipolar disorder and how to control it.  At times I’m at a bookstore, I brush on some good books about it, too.  It’s just that, I don’t buy the book instead I just scan them at the bookstore then return it back to the bookshelf after reading.
  • The Daily Bread: I started reading this Religious book since the day I got it.  Well, I just got it last March 8 from my Sister in Christ.  I read it everyday before going to bed at night and early morning before I face the day.  As I mentioned, I’m usually depressed.  It’s who I am for I’m Bipolar and I cannot deny the times I get severe mood swings.  This book helps me a lot in knowing myself deeper in the presence of God and reminds me at times I get my emotions surface and I just can hardly control them.

For two weeks now, this has been my, I guess I can call it a routine now but I don’t know for how long for as I mentioned, I don’t really have any routine.  Yet, I enjoy it.

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