Priceless Little Things

17 Apr

Introversion guaranteed (INFJ)

Priceless little things that I’m pretty much always up for:

The first sip of coffee in the morning.

The ray of morning sunlight drawing through my pushed-off curtain.

A good music to pump my mood up.

A good breakfast whether be day or night.

Sleeping early and waking up late.

Chocolates, nuts and sunnyside-up.

The elastic rubbers that produce a quick pulling sound as soon as they hit each other everytime I push to close the door fridge.

The soft hum of the air conditioner.

That moment when I get to have a sudden burst of inspiration for creativity.

That moment when I start dashing my pen to write all my emotions on paper.

That feeling of being lost in the fantastic world of books; perhaps, being found.

That moment when I can no longer hear the world as the book completely captures me for the climax grows near;

And, when I happen to fall in love with the character in the story.

That moment when someone asks me about a topic that I happen to be so interested about, in which I wouldn’t stop talking for days.

Long and weird intellectual conversations that build a real connection.

That moment when I raise my head up in the clouds, and think about the world.

That time when I get to have a knack of seeing things in ways other can’t.

Being on the road with no destination just for the sake of moving.

That strange feeling of sadness that reminds me that I’m human.

To sit under the Moon with all the time in the world.

That awkward moment when someone catches me talking to the Moon, and wonder why I do so.

A trip to a bookstore.

A ridiculously oversized mug.

A nerdy wardrobe.

Being different while others are all the same.



And lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of SOLITUDE!

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