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SUNDAY POST : Arrangement

SUNDAY POST : Arrangement: The act of arranging or being arranged like Places, living things or collection of things that have been arranged.

These are Filipino delicacies a visitor would always see prepared on tables in a typical Filipino gathering.  And these pictures were taken last New Year’s Eve before year 2013.  It was just a simple celebration yet the happiness and memories fostered throughout the night was unforgetable.


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SUNDAY POST : Captivating

SUNDAY POST : Captivating: To influence and dominate by some special charm, art, or trait and with an irresistible appeal.

Today is a winding road and it's taken me to places that I haven't gone yet.

Photo captured by Wilmz Saunil, my cousin.

It’s a winding road way up the hill heading Baguio City up north in the Philippines.  Its nature’s beauty shouts on its behalf inviting a traveler to keep going, surprising you on where it heads, where it turns next and on what’s way ahead of it.  Every turn is full of surprises for its forever amazing and overwhelming panoramic view satisfies your soul, bursts your ego and rushes your adrenalin anticipating you to get way on top of it.  Every second makes you count, every moment takes your breath away, every view nails your eyes as you keep moving upward confusing you on which way to look at for every site captures your imagination.  It’s enticingly beautiful making a mass hysteria right inside of you creating inner rapids right in your heart leaving you dizzy and breathless.

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SUNDAY POST : Unforgettable

SUNDAY POST : Unforgettable

sunrise on AyalaI ALWAYS GIVE MY MIND a break every Sunday.  I tend to let go of negative emotions I got from the past week.  I relieve myself from stress.  I do things I wanna do and most of the time I just binge on anything under the sun, anything I could think of and feel of doing which are completely irrelevant at all.   Well, for most of the time, it’s the time I just sit on a computer at home do nothing but throw blogs all over the net and speed myself up on anything I could ever find over the widest information superhighway.  For sometimes, it’s also the time for me to reminisce on an event that occurred the past week, run a thought on how my life goes, and make endless plans for the next week which are usually too grandiose to come true.

BUT TODAY, I’M WRITING for an event that happened so quickly yet changed my whole life eventually.  It’s an event that touched my heart, woke my soul up and even for so how many years would pass, I know, this one, I can never forget.  This is an event that’s so close to my heart.  It lingers on all corners of my soul and always reminds me not to give up for I’m already here.  I just have to keep moving for there’s still a very long way to walk ahead.

IT’S THE FIRST TIME I experienced sunrise in this big city.  Ever since I got here, I haven’t seen it as beautiful as having it on the long Ayala Avenue in Makati where I I’ve been working since I got here.  It’s the beauty of the city with all of its tall buildings yet with less cars and just simply invited me to keep walking ahead for there’s still a lot in there that awaited me.  Yes, it’s that time that I got out of the building from my graveyard shift and welcomed the Good Friday sunrise.  For some, it’s lonely and depressing for there were only few vehicles passing through the avenue that’s known to be always busy and never sleeps.  It was a Roman Catholic holiday and most employees were on a long vacation but for us, working on Call Centers?  We never know what holidays are.  All we know are our moving shifts, our endless extra hours and our undying calls.  But for me, this day was so glorious for of all days I ever had, it happened to fall on Good Friday where I experienced the feeling I’ve always wanted to feel for months then.  It was a glorious Friday where I surely felt the placidity of the whole city, no blowing of horns at any corner, the cold soft breeze that run through my sleeves and the morning light that’s so inviting and just simply spoke on its behalf.

ON THIS DAY, I LEARNED to appreciate mornings.  On this day, I realized that mornings are my most effective therapy.  Well, in oppose to my depression, since I truly hate sunsets for they’re really depressing, it’s sunrise that I’ve been patiently waiting for most of the days since that day I experienced it in Ayala.  Everything was so much like yesterday for me though this picture was actually taken last April of 2010.

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