25 Mar

“The inconsolable longing in the human heart for we know not what.” — Anonymous

If the Moon was an egg, when will it hatch?

If Andromeda were to hit the Milky Way, will planet Earth be thrown out onto one of its tails so we could comfortably watch the greatest Cosmic Cannibalism in the Universe? Or, will it be sucked up by Andromeda’s massive black hole?

If the Sun were to run out of Hydrogen to produce Helium and bloat up to 30%, will humans be transported to planet Mars, which is now on the process of Terra formation? Or, are we gonna pull a good-size asteroid close enough to oust planet Earth from its orbit and happily wander in the wide Cosmo?

If the Universe is really expanding as caused by the invisible force of dark energy, where is it expanding to? Is there still a space beyond the outer space?

And, if it is indeed expanding, drifting every single galaxy away from each other, one night, when we look up the sky, will it be dark by then because the stars are not there anymore?

If ER=EPR is the missing piece of the puzzle of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, then blackholes are interconnected through wormholes, defying Physics, sewing the whole massive Universe together.

If we were to travel back in time just right after the Big Bang when the whole cosmic creation was just 5 minutes old, how do you think it would look like?

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