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Weekly Writing Challenge: Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

Weekly Writing Challenge: Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

real moments

A real moment in time!  This is an old picture I uploaded on Facebook captured last June 29, 2011.  I was with my sister by heart but not biologically related best friend named Wilmzie with his brother, Chris who captured this caught-in-a-moment, self-detailed photo for without any warning, he just flipped his camera from its case and decided to take our picture in this not-sure-to-be-trusted place at night for some reported phone snatch scenes randomly occurred.


It all started so funny for the three of us, so unplanned, unprepared, without any permission from the elders, decided to go to Enchanted Kingdom in Laguna, Philippines where all different kinds of Unlimited Rides of a lifetime can be found and enjoyed for the whole day.  So many things and unexpected events occurred along the way as we traveled to this nearby province just an hour and a half away up north Manila yet, we still managed to get there safely around three in the afternoon.

Then the magic began and the day started just right!

We enjoyed the whole day, taking unlimited pictures in almost every corner of the whole park and bravely taking breathtaking rides.


We enjoyed the food as well and talk along the way.  Everything in there was already almost nearly perfect and though we arrived there late in the afternoon, we still all felt like we got there since morning and enjoyed the rest of the day.


We did enjoy everything in there and the companionship of us, three as well.  We were like little kids running from one ride to another, laughing at one joke to another, eating from one store to another and living our lives like there was no tomorrow.  Bottomline is, it was all F-U-N!


It’s already night when we left the place and commuted a provincial bus back to Manila and along the way, we’re still very happy.  A lot of talks and chit-chats and knickknacks on the other hand.

I happened to be the walking map at this one-day out and I somehow got confused on where to stop to get home.  Bravely I assumed I knew it all along and so we stopped at a certain bus stop.

As we got off the bus, I looked around and definitely, it’s EDSA, the main access road in the whole Metro Manila that takes a traveler from one city to another city within the metro.  I proudly said, “Yah, we’re here!  And all we need is just one more bus ride and we’re home.”  Then so I tried to call for a bus yet none of them stopped over.  There were a lot of buses passing us yet none of them even dared to look at us.

“That’s weird!”  I whispered then I looked around again and there I realized that we made a wrong stop.  The right one was still almost half a kilometer away which we needed to walk at that time.  I so hated it.  I hated it because it was my mistake.  I always hate making mistakes and above all, to suffer the consequences there is to take.  Worse was that, it even took us minutes for us me to realize it.

So there, we walked until we got to the right bus stop.  Wilmz and I realized where we were and felt a little chill right up our nape and so we not-obviously glanced our eyes to each other like pretending that we understood each other’s thought, and alertly looked around while waiting for the right bus.

real moments

Surprisingly, Chris, her brother, without any negative thought and unaware of the place, took his camera, positioned the lenses and was about to take our picture which startled us and made us unconsciously react in very different unprepared ways that got so lousily caught in the above picture.  Funny how we reacted that got captured in the very first undeniable photo for what we actually told him was “Huwag!” a Filipino word that means, “Don’t!”  That’s because there were a few passers-by anywhere and not to take the risk, one in a million chance, the camera may get snatched.

I’m not saying here that this certain place along EDSA is indeed a notorious place.  It’s only that time where random occurrences were reported almost every night.  This time, I even walk the place some time at night all alone and I no longer get scared as how the place used to scare me before.

So, that’s the story of this cannot-be-denied startled photo.  I didn’t really like it at first time for I was so unpretty on the capture yet, looking back over the years, well, I still looked so unpretty yet the photo itself was so honest and genuine.  It’s funny to look back right at that time yet, though without words, the picture alone is enough to tell the whole long story about the three good friends who traveled out-of-town so unprepared and unplanned.

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SUNDAY POST : Captivating

SUNDAY POST : Captivating: To influence and dominate by some special charm, art, or trait and with an irresistible appeal.

Today is a winding road and it's taken me to places that I haven't gone yet.

Photo captured by Wilmz Saunil, my cousin.

It’s a winding road way up the hill heading Baguio City up north in the Philippines.  Its nature’s beauty shouts on its behalf inviting a traveler to keep going, surprising you on where it heads, where it turns next and on what’s way ahead of it.  Every turn is full of surprises for its forever amazing and overwhelming panoramic view satisfies your soul, bursts your ego and rushes your adrenalin anticipating you to get way on top of it.  Every second makes you count, every moment takes your breath away, every view nails your eyes as you keep moving upward confusing you on which way to look at for every site captures your imagination.  It’s enticingly beautiful making a mass hysteria right inside of you creating inner rapids right in your heart leaving you dizzy and breathless.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details: The Love of My Life!

My love for Starbucks coffee!

My love for Starbucks coffee!

MAY BE OF COMMON BEVERAGE for many enjoys it elsewhere yet, Starbucks is my forever true love for everytime I pass by a shop, I always make a stop.  The store itself invites me for I know that once I get inside, I would always want to spoil myself with its mouthful taste of coffee and vanilla with its enticing aroma of milk and caramel all rising up in the air, waking my senses, relaxing my brains, and forever giving me this obvious connotation that though the walk is forever long, there’s always tomorrow so why not forget for a while and get captured for a moment.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

kissTHIS IS A PICTURE taken 2 years ago when I visited my God-daughter on the day she was born.  After how many years, almost a decade, it was just the only time I was able to hold a new born child again and it felt so awesome.  She’s very tiny and fragile where you’ll be scared of holding her for the scare of falling her off or breaking her up yet I can never forget the thrill I felt that time.  It felt like she’s my child and that she’s born on this earth for me.  The thrill was really different and every child you hold gives you different thrills which are very unique.  A thrill that makes you want to live your life even longer.

AS A LOT OF SONGS clearly emphasized on their lyrics that when you love a child, you don’t just forgive seven times seven but it’s seven times seventy-one.  I sometimes get to the point where I’m torn into half for I long for a child of my own believing that she’s the only one who would complete me but on the other minute, I get to the point where I thank God for I got no child yet for I can even hardly manage myself at times depression hit me down the drain; how much more having a child with me.  I don’t think I could ever handle it and it would be very unfair for her for her mother is always depressed instead of taking good care of her, raising her, her mother is assisted by her grandmother instead for she’s Bipolar.

I GET TO THE POINT where I feel sorry for myself ending up this way yet having this picture and everytime I look at it, I always feel so whole again.  It encourages me to keep living my life the way I should and that one day, all these depression will be completely gone and once that happen, I know, I’ll be ready for it.  By that time, I’ll have a child of my own and I’ll nourish her and give her all the love in the world.

An entry for’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss with the theme, “Kiss. There are a lot of ways to capture a kiss, between two people – lovers, family, friends; two animals, or even just the sending or receiving of a kiss”


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