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Travel theme: International Women’s Day

Travel theme: International Women’s Day: This week’s theme is wide open for however you want to celebrate the woman or women in your life, or all women in general. A portrait, essay, something symbolic, or a place that reminds you of someone.

These are the beautiful women in my life here in Metro Manila and cheers to our womanhood!

And don’t forget to check out Where’s my backpack?, the forerunner of this Travel Theme Writing Contest.  Feel free to join if you like.  For more details, click on the name link.

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SUNDAY POST : Captivating

SUNDAY POST : Captivating: To influence and dominate by some special charm, art, or trait and with an irresistible appeal.

Today is a winding road and it's taken me to places that I haven't gone yet.

Photo captured by Wilmz Saunil, my cousin.

It’s a winding road way up the hill heading Baguio City up north in the Philippines.  Its nature’s beauty shouts on its behalf inviting a traveler to keep going, surprising you on where it heads, where it turns next and on what’s way ahead of it.  Every turn is full of surprises for its forever amazing and overwhelming panoramic view satisfies your soul, bursts your ego and rushes your adrenalin anticipating you to get way on top of it.  Every second makes you count, every moment takes your breath away, every view nails your eyes as you keep moving upward confusing you on which way to look at for every site captures your imagination.  It’s enticingly beautiful making a mass hysteria right inside of you creating inner rapids right in your heart leaving you dizzy and breathless.

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Daily Prompt: Places

Daily Prompt: Places: Beach, mountain, forest, or somewhere else entirely?

The Forever Historical Hispanic Beauty of Intramuros, Manila (the city within the city)!

Intramuros or literally means “within walls” is a city in Manila surrounded with thick brick walls built by the Spaniards during their era in the country.  The walls were built to protect the Spanish Governor-General, its administration and the whole city as well from any possible invasion for they all thought that the city would be forever a Spanish colony therefore they had it as the center of the Philippine-Spanish government.  The walls were never destroyed yet served as remains and attraction of the historical city within a city.  For further details, just click on each picture.



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Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

being at home!HOME is the sweetest word there is on Earth.  It simply holds it all.  It speaks on its behalf.  It’s warm and inviting.  It’s tender and caring.  It landslides in all corners expressing all the love in the world.  It shouts all by itself explaining every thought and every reason beating all high English ways dictionaries could ever define it.

HOME is like our pet dog waiting for us by the window with its tongue out and tail wiggling.  It’s like a kite a little boy enjoys watching up high as the wind blows and drives it over.  It’s like the little cups little girls play during tea parties.

HOME is where we had our first memory.  It’s where we had our first spill on the shirt.  It’s where we first wounded our knees when we ran after our toys.  It’s where we had our first dreams.  It’s where we loved and lost.

BECAUSE of all these default conceptions preset in our mind, we long so much for home where we tend to forget the place that once sheltered and welcomed us the time we first moved away from home.  We tend to forget the four corners that once served as our refuge at times we were alone and had no one to lean on.  We tend to forget the unnoticeable warmth we undeniably enjoyed in this little ordinary place.  This little ordinary place where we learned how to be strong and confident, reach our dreams, meet new friends, evolve in our different career paths, and learn to love and lose.  This place where we developed our well-being and grew as better individuals.  This place we call a second home.

WHEREVER we are and whatever it is, as long as our heart’s in it, it’s HOME!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

In a new post specifically created for this challenge, share a picture that evokes HOME for you.

The above the article was a humble entry for the above linked writing challenge. Click on the link for more details.


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