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Lumos Solem: A Child’s Game

Lumos Solem: A Child’s Game

Lumos Solem: A Child’s Game

I used to raise a hand towards the tiny openings of an old wooden platform, face my palm straight towards the ray of 7:30 AM sunlight, and watch the back of my hand luminously glow in crimsoned red as I feel the warm wave of heat where morning dust particles arouse in the air.

I used to listen to the most silent form of silence and get amazed by the awkward monotonous buzz that I hear drilling through the inner lobe of my ears.

I used to get amazed by my own heartbeat, and would suddenly remember that I just forgot that I was breathing.  Then it amazed me once again.

I used to step out in the patio right after the rain and enjoy the smell of petrichor arousing in the air.

I used to stare at thin air, and question why I cannot see the air.

I used to watch flowers very closely and imagine Thumbelina tucked up among the buds.

I used to look for tiny little mushrooms that grow on damped woods where orchids used to flourish, look for dwarfs, and pretend that I was Snow White.

I used to wonder how worms hide beneath the soil and still can breathe.

I used to believe that if I hide my face behind a wall, the rest of my body would be invisible.

I used to wish to have superpowers as I used to play pretend that I could move objects and start a fire through mental telepathy.

I used to run as fast as I can towards my bed upon switching the lights off in the fear that demons will run after me.

I used to believe that the scariest task a child was ever obliged to do was to go upstairs alone in the night.  Watching the stairs itself used to freak me out.

I used to believe that the scariest part in my room was underneath my bed where nighttime crawlies awaken after midnight.

I used to imagine that my whole family was being killed and that I was next everytime I hear thumps while I was taking a shower.

At times I used to wake up late and that the hallways and stairs were silent, I used to believe that I was already dead and that I was walking in the ghost realm.  Then I would start looking for my own dead body as I try to remember as much as I can on how I possibly died.

I used to own a Jane doll, a big walking porcelain doll, the prettiest among my dolls yet, which face I used to place down flat on a pillow and cover with used clothes before going to bed for her eyes used to freak me out everytime I get awaken in the middle of night.

I used to play with Donald and Mickey, and never realized that one day, they will become leaders in the US.

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SUNDAY POST : Unforgettable

SUNDAY POST : Unforgettable

sunrise on AyalaI ALWAYS GIVE MY MIND a break every Sunday.  I tend to let go of negative emotions I got from the past week.  I relieve myself from stress.  I do things I wanna do and most of the time I just binge on anything under the sun, anything I could think of and feel of doing which are completely irrelevant at all.   Well, for most of the time, it’s the time I just sit on a computer at home do nothing but throw blogs all over the net and speed myself up on anything I could ever find over the widest information superhighway.  For sometimes, it’s also the time for me to reminisce on an event that occurred the past week, run a thought on how my life goes, and make endless plans for the next week which are usually too grandiose to come true.

BUT TODAY, I’M WRITING for an event that happened so quickly yet changed my whole life eventually.  It’s an event that touched my heart, woke my soul up and even for so how many years would pass, I know, this one, I can never forget.  This is an event that’s so close to my heart.  It lingers on all corners of my soul and always reminds me not to give up for I’m already here.  I just have to keep moving for there’s still a very long way to walk ahead.

IT’S THE FIRST TIME I experienced sunrise in this big city.  Ever since I got here, I haven’t seen it as beautiful as having it on the long Ayala Avenue in Makati where I I’ve been working since I got here.  It’s the beauty of the city with all of its tall buildings yet with less cars and just simply invited me to keep walking ahead for there’s still a lot in there that awaited me.  Yes, it’s that time that I got out of the building from my graveyard shift and welcomed the Good Friday sunrise.  For some, it’s lonely and depressing for there were only few vehicles passing through the avenue that’s known to be always busy and never sleeps.  It was a Roman Catholic holiday and most employees were on a long vacation but for us, working on Call Centers?  We never know what holidays are.  All we know are our moving shifts, our endless extra hours and our undying calls.  But for me, this day was so glorious for of all days I ever had, it happened to fall on Good Friday where I experienced the feeling I’ve always wanted to feel for months then.  It was a glorious Friday where I surely felt the placidity of the whole city, no blowing of horns at any corner, the cold soft breeze that run through my sleeves and the morning light that’s so inviting and just simply spoke on its behalf.

ON THIS DAY, I LEARNED to appreciate mornings.  On this day, I realized that mornings are my most effective therapy.  Well, in oppose to my depression, since I truly hate sunsets for they’re really depressing, it’s sunrise that I’ve been patiently waiting for most of the days since that day I experienced it in Ayala.  Everything was so much like yesterday for me though this picture was actually taken last April of 2010.

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Daily Prompt: Childhood Revisited

my twin sisterGONE ARE THE FAIRY TALES. Gone are the princess dreams. Gone are the tea parties, barbie dolls, bear and monkey friends. Gone are the hide-and-seek days and imaginary friends. Gone are the high school secrets and pajama nights. The boisterous laughs, funny faces, sister languages, and finishing of each other’s sentences. The holding of hands in going to school, the dances in the rain and the every morning squat because when we’re halfway for school we run back.

I’VE BEEN BLOGGING HERE for quite awhile now for myself all about my unpredictable moodswings, and undying emotions.  This time, let me now take my time to introduce to my co-bloggers and to the whole world my other half, my soul mate, and my ever beloved little “Wiwi” who were born on this earth with me – my twin sister, Tuesday Pil!  Wi, GOD knows how much I missed you!  It bounces all the way up to the moon and bangs all the way down to the dust.  In every single day I’m living half alive.  GOD knows how much I wish you were here.  I dearly miss you everyday.  I even miss you more than anybody else in the world.  If it would just take a thousand nickles to be tossed in a wishing well just to get you back, damn, I surely would for you were my comfort zone and my protective shield.  You were my dreams, my home and my life.  You were my best at times myself was my worst.  Only the earth is our living witness of how we were before.  Since we came into this earth together, we swore to kiss this earth good-bye together as well and I definitely know that it was never that day yet you never listened.  If the world just stood still, I could have kept you yet though how many years I keep crying, I know that I can never bring you back anymore yet you always know that you can always take me with you, but even now you’re not doing it.  And because of this, the 2nd of July has always been so cruel to the heart.  It pierces me in half, turning my skin inside-out for all our beautiful past reverberates shredding me down into million pieces.  If only I could re-live my life, I would always want to be July Pil again for I could never trade my fifteen years of being with you; not even for the rest of my life and for what I have become.

WI, YOU KNOW THAT I WOULD LONG for you forever until the time comes when we become whole again.  And on that day, mine would be the happiest soul there’ll ever be.  It’s been twelve years now and I know how happy you are now with GOD and that’s the happiness I can never give you but, oh dear!  Don’t you think it’s just too early to leave me behind?  I know where heaven is but I just don’t know how to get there.  I’ve been dying everyday missing you, loving you, and a thousand scars surfaced from my inner wound yet, I’ve been trying to live my life the best that I can so when these days are over and I may neither win nor lose my battles, and all I’ll be left out is nothing but my broken hands, you’ll be there to lend me yours and take me with you forever.  I have no idea where you always go but I’m already with you.

I’VE BUILT YOU A CASTLE OF LOVE where a torch is unquenchably lit so you can comfortably rest and stay with me forever.  May you rest in my heart and feel my every heartbeat loving you.

Daily Prompt: Childhood Revisited

Sure, you turned out pretty good, but is there anything you wish had been different about your childhood? If you have kids, is there anything you wish were different for them?

The above the article was a humble entry for the above linked writing challenge. Click on the link for more details.

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