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The Moonbeam and Shattered Pens


IT PAYS TO BE A WRITER.  You could write your whole life in one storyline.  You could make your dreams and live them as you can.  You could color the world as you dash through your lines.  You could be somebody else you ever want leaving reality in a short span of time.  You could build a castle and gather everyone in.  You always have a way out when the world doesn’t treat you right.

IT PAYS TO BE A WRITER.  You happen to be able to read the emotions behind the lines and not just simply the message from the words being uttered.  You happen to understand the other meaning of the statement no matter how bluntly it’s delivered.  You happen to believe that it’s a Yes! at times the message is actually a straight No!  You happen to see love behind an icy soul and tomorrow in someone else’s eyes.

ON THE OTHER HAND, it pays to be a writer for your shifting paradigm makes you believe into something that’s actually not real in the first place.  It makes you believe that your story may still happen to you in real life.  It makes you believe that there’s always happy ending in every situation no matter how high the curves are.  It makes you believe that it’s you that’s in the character eventhough you know that it’s actually somebody else in the first place.

I GUESS THIS SHORT STORY I’ve started no longer worth the time for it’s all a mirage I just intended to build believing that it’s somehow gonna happen but I guess it’s just one of those unfinished lines I once had long time ago.  And here it goes!  Just as I thought.  I guess, I might just as well be chasing after moonbeams.  Just simply another one I happened to glance one time believing that it’s here to stay.  Probably!  Yet, probably, I might just simply look away the next time I happen to see another one.  It’s surely very beautiful to look at yet, it’s just hard to call my own as hard to love it so well.

IT PAYS TO BE A WRITER.  You’re able to see it ahead way before it comes and most of the time, you just happen to be right.  Nonetheless, you shatter with your pens as you mistakenly write them as you realize that you just lit another penny candle from a bright star and it’s still you who would happen to put it out.

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This Cricket’s Singing Stone!

You keep the search yet, you’ll never find for beneath the mosses she sleeps all throughout.  Still unknown to many for she’s feared for the lost of the foreign for though she sleeps, she takes all in.  The curtains of the mosses keeps everything in.  For beneath is the land that once has been put into sleep way when time was still young and history was still in the mouth of the wise.  Yet, in due time, you will find for just underneath, all quietly, she lies.

You’ve willed your way and you’re opt to come back.  In due time, a reunion of two spirits.  A unification that was long been told by the wise that’s yet to come, for you still soar in the midst of wander.  You’ve been running searches and still you do.  You might see one, you might see none.  You might find paths that will make you confuse.  For whatever it is and whatever awaits, I still pray on this cricket’s singing stone that one day, you’ll find your way back.  I will not force, I will not stand.  There’ll be no voice but a little prayer will find you and guide you and will lighten your path back to your stream.  Let it flow.  Let it will your way for this dries never and fervently flows back in this direction.  My love awaits you as my prayer guides you.  May you flourish in time and soon be back home.

Lead your path and wander as you please but by the end of it all, you’ll realize that the flourish land you’ve been searching all this time is just right where you left, here on this cricket’s singing stone.


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Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood

Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood


Metro Manila is the metropolitan of cities.  Here is where the national capital is located and the neighboring cities are already indirectly considered as part of it.  To have a glimpse, below are the different pictures I’ve collected in years of staying here.

This is Makati, the Industrial capital of the country.  Here is where I work.

This is Ortigas Pasig Center located in the heart of Pasig, the newly progressing city in the metropolitan.

This is Manila, the national capital of the Philippines.  This city has this Spanish influence that is so obvious in almost every street corner.

This is The Fort Global City in Taguig.  It’s the little Dubai in the Philippines for all the electrical cords and wiring are underground.


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SUNDAY POST : Captivating

SUNDAY POST : Captivating: To influence and dominate by some special charm, art, or trait and with an irresistible appeal.

Today is a winding road and it's taken me to places that I haven't gone yet.

Photo captured by Wilmz Saunil, my cousin.

It’s a winding road way up the hill heading Baguio City up north in the Philippines.  Its nature’s beauty shouts on its behalf inviting a traveler to keep going, surprising you on where it heads, where it turns next and on what’s way ahead of it.  Every turn is full of surprises for its forever amazing and overwhelming panoramic view satisfies your soul, bursts your ego and rushes your adrenalin anticipating you to get way on top of it.  Every second makes you count, every moment takes your breath away, every view nails your eyes as you keep moving upward confusing you on which way to look at for every site captures your imagination.  It’s enticingly beautiful making a mass hysteria right inside of you creating inner rapids right in your heart leaving you dizzy and breathless.

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A Crucial Life!

a_crucial_lifeWHAT’S CRUCIAL in life is not to know where it leads you.  Seeing the world from afar is too vague.  It’s a maze of ups and downs.  It’s an intersection of chances.  It’s a long empty bench of waiting.  What’s challenging is that, it’s like a wonder of who’s behind a yawning door.  It’s like finding a penny in your empty pocket; and, it’s like the air that thrills you as it startles your stomach.

DREAMS DO come true.  Poet says.  They very well express it in rhymes.  But, why are mine hiding behind my shadow?  Why are mine tumbling down in my throat as I inhale this losing smoke?  Why do I keep losing them everytime I almost get a grip of them?  I’m sitting here empty-handed with all my thoughts escaping from my sub-conscious.  Actually, I don’t know where they are from.  They just come out of nowhere invading my mind, creating thoughts of downfall and regrets.  I’m going down.  I’m sinking on this empty chair.  I’m losing all I got left.  I’m giving up from all the illusions I selfishly created.

I ONCE BELIEVED that the world was a bowl of dreams that come true.  Maybe it really is.  It just doesn’t work for me.  Or, my dreams are just too grandeur to come to life.  If I deform my dreams, will they work this time?  If I degrade them a level lower, will they be feasible?  Maybe.  Just maybe.  Just like fashion that doesn’t work for me.  Just like perfumes that wouldn’t work for my body chemistry.  I’ve had a lot and I’ve tried a lot but they all ended up having me shredded like paper trash.

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LIFE Is A Long Walk while LOVE Is The Conversation Along The Way

Life Is A Long Walk!

IT’S NOT TOO LONG AGO when we first had our full steps.  It’s not too long ago when we first cried for a wounded knee.  It’s not too long ago when we first wrote our names on papers.  It’s not too long ago when we first appreciated beauty in the face of another person.

AS WE LIVE LIFE, we keep walking.  As we keep walking, we gain knowledge, wisdom, beauty and feelings we never understand where they come from.  Just because the feelings confuse us, we pay more attention.  As we pay more attention, we open doors and windows, we discover new horizons, and we appreciate the greener grass on the other side of the fence.  As we move along, we realize that climbing mountains would be a lot more challenging than just simply walking the plains.  Then we prefer to swim seas than just to toss in the river.  And out of curiosity, just to know how high the cliff is, we take a closer look — that’s when we fall!  And when we fall, that’s when we realize that it’s deeper than we thought it is.  After we hurt ourselves, that’s when we regret and wish we just simply walked the plains.

EVERYBODY GETS A PIECE of the heart that has fallen and been torn into half.  Chance may not be that absolute and not all cliffs deserve a second chance but life itself is already a count.  There is so much more to life!  So why not slow down and pay more attention to the great peripherals.  It’s what life is spent for anyways.  There’s a lot in the world that’s priceless.  There’s a lot in the world that we can only appreciate once.  There’s a lot in the world that once we pass over, we can never have back.  Life is just full of surprises.  You fall here and there yet the world will never end.  So why stop walking?  Afterall, there’s still a long way to walk ahead — and oh! Don’t be scared to fall on cliffs next time. Just make sure you deserve it!


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