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It’s More Fun in the Philippines: Vigan Heritage Village

The Spanish era had contributed a lot here in the country.  Their influence was so rich that even now, most of the Spanish culture and traditions are still very well practiced in random parts of the whole Philippine archipelago.  The Spanish language or Espaniol is still partly practiced in Zamboanga City down the southern part of the country which happened to be the only Latin city in the country and Asia as a whole as well.  The culture and some old traditions are still well lived in most of the homes of the Filipino families up North.  The delicacies are still appreciated and served on most Filipino tables as to some ways of living are still observed by most Filipinos.  A lot of prestigious Spanish places are also preserved and open for public views.

Yet, there’s one place in the country that’s indeed the most popular preserved Spanish place for all the buildings and houses up to the streets were purely preserved from the Spanish era.  Though some were already repaired if not reconstructed, the atmosphere itself and the sense of being there indeed takes you back to the Spanish era when they still had the country under their government.  It’s The Heritage Village, Vigan, Ilocos Sur, Philippines.





The above photos are just few of the many outstanding beauty of the Spanish era that still lived and preserved in this certain one-Spanish street popularly known as Calle Crisologo to the locals.  It now served as a Spanish Heritage Village as called for itself where all houses displayed used to be real houses and building enterprises of Filipino residents during that time.

Visit the country this summer and experience the Spanish-influenced atmosphere and get captured along nostalgic lane as you travel back in time.

All the above pictures were taken and captured by Chris Saunil, my teacher friend during his Pilgrimage weeks before Holy Week last year.


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Daily Prompt: Seconds!

Daily Prompt: Seconds!  Describe the most satisfying meal you’ve ever eaten, in glorious detail.

sinigang na baboyThis has always been my favorite dish ever since I was a little girl.  It’s a Filipino dish called “Sinigang na Baboy” or Pork Sinigang which literally means “a pot of pork with tamarind soup.”

I so love the sour taste of it’s soup especially when it’s salty and sour flavors mix, it’s a mouthful of flavor that would play around your tongue giving you a sudden thrill in your cheekbones as it’s sour taste emanates waking your senses destroying your face as your nerves shrink in with it’s tangy acid taste.

It’s been my everlasting love since childhood and I would never get sick of sipping it’s sour soup and eating it’s sour pork everyday.

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