My Super Mario Brother

24 Mar
My Super Mario Brother

Late post: 16/01/2017

My Super Mario Brother!

You were 16 years of age when I was born together with my twin sister. Since then, my childhood rollercoaster ride has begun!

To the greatest Electrical Engineer of my life, my big Super Mario Brother, Frank James William D. Pil ~ Happy, Happy Birthday!

Thank you for tolerating my tantrums.

Thank you for spoiling my impulsive behavior.

Thank you for always siding with my hyperactivity.

Thank you for intentionally losing the games to make me win. (Hahaha!)

Thank you for being one of those who used to place my Christmas stockings, which I yearly hang up on the seller, on top of oversized boxes of toys, which I wholeheartedly believed were really from dear old Santa Claus for long serious years. (Hmm, imagine that!)

Thank you for my Walt Disney Beauty and the Beast laser disc VHS tape, which I never got fed up of watching every morning before going to school, every afternoon upon arriving home from school, and every night before going to bed. Until now, I still memorize the whole movie lines from start to finish. (Could anybody get way crazier than that!)

Thank you for granting all my Walt Disney dreams, my wishes upon the stars, my wishes up on Santa’s lap, my grade school road drives, my family computer and Game Boy gaming consoles, my Super Mario Bros, Popeye the Sailor man, Contra, and all other 1000-in-1 console tapes, my first bicycle, my gallons of ice cream, the childish jokes, the urban legends, the tickles and run games up and down the staircase back in the old house, and for shutting me up by giving me what I want. (Tsktsk!)

You were the Jean Claude Van Damme and Sylvester Stallone of my childhood.

You greatly contributed to my princess-like childhood. Thank you for making it a living fairytale, which always make me smile with tears everytime I look back and remember.

And, until now, you still keep watching over me, which is too obvious to everyone around me.

Thank you for always being patient at times I change my mind a million times within an hour, and for believing that whenever we are together, I’m always right. Even though I’m wrong, I’m right! (Hahahahahahaha!!!)

Thank you so much, Kuya Jimmy for being my big brother. You are the best and you are THE MAN!!! ~ Yeah! \m/


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