Dying But You’re Not

31 Oct


BEHIND A SCAR is just another raptured scar reaped out by seven thousand never-ending wounds caused by seven thousand never-ending lies all tactlessly came out of your careless mouth. Wounds that forever lurk behind one’s mind igniting one’s misery to endlessly circle the drain like whirlpools drowning one’s heart in unbearable anger and vengance. Wounds that cooled one’s soul and hardened one’s heart. Wounds that endlessly reiterate all your relentless betrayal and abandonment.

HOW WELL DO you think you’re doing? How well do you think you know? Stop before you play back. Hear me scream as you reap my scars off. Watch me grind exceedingly small. Experience the torment of my slow death and the agony that despite the pain, I’m still not dying. Feel the awkward undeformed emotion of rushing death yet, death rushes me instead. Now keep your breathing regular as you whip me with your words. Empty words full of seven thousand lies that arise from your icy soul.

I GUESS YOU just never learned afterall that there’s just nothing more agonizing than dying but you’re not.

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