Stuffing Things

21 Sep
Stuffing Things

The Wall of thoughts and emotions.

At times I rise, I fall. At times I fix, I destroy. At times I see things, I get blinded. At times I keep it, I waste it. Everything I hold, I crunch into pieces. Everything I own, I lose. Everything I come up with, end me up thrown into the dumps.

Emotions keep winning me over. Emotions keep driving me off my wall. Emotions keep pushing me off the cliff. A few more. Just few inches more and everything ends. Everything ends where nothing will be left out. Nothing will be left out as everything is already destroyed, all gone into million pieces. All scattered in the air and down on the ground as I collect myself with them in the dust. The more I keep collecting myself, the further my scatter goes. The more I hold a grip on myself, the more I get lost from my very hand. The more I keep running after myself, the further I move away.

So many thoughts yet, so little words. They all stuff inside my head and I just got so little ways of unloading them for everything I thought I am, I’m not. Everything it seems, it isn’t. Everything it isn’t, makes sense. What it is, it wouldn’t be and what it wouldn’t be, it would, you see?

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