The Moonbeam and Shattered Pens

20 Mar


IT PAYS TO BE A WRITER.  You could write your whole life in one storyline.  You could make your dreams and live them as you can.  You could color the world as you dash through your lines.  You could be somebody else you ever want leaving reality in a short span of time.  You could build a castle and gather everyone in.  You always have a way out when the world doesn’t treat you right.

IT PAYS TO BE A WRITER.  You happen to be able to read the emotions behind the lines and not just simply the message from the words being uttered.  You happen to understand the other meaning of the statement no matter how bluntly it’s delivered.  You happen to believe that it’s a Yes! at times the message is actually a straight No!  You happen to see love behind an icy soul and tomorrow in someone else’s eyes.

ON THE OTHER HAND, it pays to be a writer for your shifting paradigm makes you believe into something that’s actually not real in the first place.  It makes you believe that your story may still happen to you in real life.  It makes you believe that there’s always happy ending in every situation no matter how high the curves are.  It makes you believe that it’s you that’s in the character eventhough you know that it’s actually somebody else in the first place.

I GUESS THIS SHORT STORY I’ve started no longer worth the time for it’s all a mirage I just intended to build believing that it’s somehow gonna happen but I guess it’s just one of those unfinished lines I once had long time ago.  And here it goes!  Just as I thought.  I guess, I might just as well be chasing after moonbeams.  Just simply another one I happened to glance one time believing that it’s here to stay.  Probably!  Yet, probably, I might just simply look away the next time I happen to see another one.  It’s surely very beautiful to look at yet, it’s just hard to call my own as hard to love it so well.

IT PAYS TO BE A WRITER.  You’re able to see it ahead way before it comes and most of the time, you just happen to be right.  Nonetheless, you shatter with your pens as you mistakenly write them as you realize that you just lit another penny candle from a bright star and it’s still you who would happen to put it out.

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