My Superman!

16 Jun
Kuya SonnyTHIS MAN STAYED in the hospital the day I was born. This man was my hands the first time I learned to crawl. This man was my feet when I first learned to walk. This man was my little tummy the first time I learned to eat solid food. This man was my knees the first time I got wounded. This man was my eyes the first time I cried. This man bathe me, changed my diapers, changed my clothes, and mixed my milk in those tiny little infant bottles. This man rocked me on his shoulder to sleep, carried me on his nape at times I can’t see what’s ahead, sat me on his back as we played horseback-riding, and the best game we ever played, throwing me up in the air as I played Superman. He even played with dolls, bears and tea parties with me.
THIS MAN DAILY walked me at the City Park, ran around with me as we played hide-and-seek, tickled me at times I cried and I hated everytime he did that, took me on his lap at times I didn’t want to sit on a chair and the best of all, he used to walk me in his College rooms, canteen and hallways fooling everyone even his professors, the nuns and the priests assuming I, together with my twin sister, were his daughters as we used to make deals of calling him Kuya-Papa everytime we’re in his College’s vicinity, in return of an afternoon ice cream in cone.
THIS MAN WAS there the first time I celebrated my birthday in  my Kindergarten. He’s been there during my grade school events. Even in high school and above all, in College.
HE STOOD AS my father the time Papa died. He was with me the time my twin sister died. She even died on his hands. We became even closer during the dark hours of my life, When I lost my will to live and just wanted to give my life up and and just die with my twin. He used to share what he’s got left at the time we lost almost everything our father put up for us. Eventhough he’s already married, he still never stopped looking back to our roots.
HE FOUGHT FOR ME and almost got jailed the time a College guy bullied me almost nightly after my night classes. He used to fetch me nightly after that especially at random times I was scared of going home alone. He even rushed me to my College Clinic the time I collapsed when at that time, the only person I phoned with was my mother and he’s nowhere to find. All throughout my financially unbearable College years, he was there for me, dropping by at home so early in the morning just to give me some fare to avoid the long walk. Until the time I never thought would ever come, my College graduation. He walked with me and stood as my father the time I graduated College. Even with my big sister the time she walked down the aisle and change her last name.
THOUGH HE WASN’T the most welcoming person when it comes to having a man in my life, I never expected that he would guide me all the way from the time I had my first courtship, to the time I had my first boyfriend, especially the time of break-up.
THIS MAN HAS BEEN with me all my life. Unfortunately, he’s less appreciated instead, mostly looked down. August last year was the last time we met and we had been apart since the time I moved here in Manila. Despite it all, his eyes still never changed and his love never subsided, most especially the way he looks at me. Despite what I have become for so much has changed now and that I’m already at the age he used to be, for him, I’m still the little girl he used to save when he was still Superman. Through the years of his silence, many had forgotten, many laid their judgement and many gave up — even the most special person in his life — but I don’t. I never did and I never would. The nosy ones may stop by to look down on him for all they saw were his other side but they never know. They never know because they’re never there and they never give a shit!
TODAY, I’m greeting my Superman a Happy Father’s Day. Thank you for your magical love and for all the years that passed. You never failed to be there at times I needed you and in return, I promise you that I will never fail you. I’ll do my best to have you back. I would never get tired of praying and hoping that someday, all this madness will end and once that happens, I’ll be the most grateful person in the world!
HAPPY FATHER’S DAY KUYA SONNY — the Big Brother and Superman of my life!

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