This Cricket’s Singing Stone!

12 Mar

You keep the search yet, you’ll never find for beneath the mosses she sleeps all throughout.  Still unknown to many for she’s feared for the lost of the foreign for though she sleeps, she takes all in.  The curtains of the mosses keeps everything in.  For beneath is the land that once has been put into sleep way when time was still young and history was still in the mouth of the wise.  Yet, in due time, you will find for just underneath, all quietly, she lies.

You’ve willed your way and you’re opt to come back.  In due time, a reunion of two spirits.  A unification that was long been told by the wise that’s yet to come, for you still soar in the midst of wander.  You’ve been running searches and still you do.  You might see one, you might see none.  You might find paths that will make you confuse.  For whatever it is and whatever awaits, I still pray on this cricket’s singing stone that one day, you’ll find your way back.  I will not force, I will not stand.  There’ll be no voice but a little prayer will find you and guide you and will lighten your path back to your stream.  Let it flow.  Let it will your way for this dries never and fervently flows back in this direction.  My love awaits you as my prayer guides you.  May you flourish in time and soon be back home.

Lead your path and wander as you please but by the end of it all, you’ll realize that the flourish land you’ve been searching all this time is just right where you left, here on this cricket’s singing stone.


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Posted by on March 12, 2013 in Lyrics of Life


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