Daily Prompt: Seconds!

23 Feb

Daily Prompt: Seconds!  Describe the most satisfying meal you’ve ever eaten, in glorious detail.

sinigang na baboyThis has always been my favorite dish ever since I was a little girl.  It’s a Filipino dish called “Sinigang na Baboy” or Pork Sinigang which literally means “a pot of pork with tamarind soup.”

I so love the sour taste of it’s soup especially when it’s salty and sour flavors mix, it’s a mouthful of flavor that would play around your tongue giving you a sudden thrill in your cheekbones as it’s sour taste emanates waking your senses destroying your face as your nerves shrink in with it’s tangy acid taste.

It’s been my everlasting love since childhood and I would never get sick of sipping it’s sour soup and eating it’s sour pork everyday.

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