Tough! I’m Not Here To Please You!

20 Feb

PEOPLE ARE SO sensitive nowadays.  They always have their own way of throwing a mud right onto your face.  They have this way of showing you that they are in deed hurt though it was their mistake in the first place and though all you just said was four little abrupt words which were carefully said, with all due respect, they will still show you how pissed they are and would never stop showing it the whole day until you noticed them.

I AM A VERY sensitive person, too.  In my condition, I deserve to be yet despite it all, I am still very careful in choosing my words.  More often than not, I mostly prefer not to say anything at all anymore just to avoid arguments for I know I may not be able to handle it and at the same time, it’s not gonna do good for me for I’m in medication right now.  At times I’m hurt, I made it a habit lately of just simply ignoring it and stand for no bones against it especially for lousy conversational arguments.

A WORD OF A MOUTH could really mean a lot.  It could boost one’s ego or destroy the whole day but if you will just act indifferently in one way or another just to show me how pissed you are well then I better leave earlier than I should and just wait for hours outside rather than going with my usually routine time of leaving and observe your immature behavior.

EVERYBODY MAKES mistakes.  Everybody gets those days but as I have checked the last time, it should always be on how words were delivered yet lately, I just realized that it never go off that way for a lot of circumstances had proven me that there’s never a constructive criticism at all.  It’s always on how the person concerned takes it.  Either badly or for the better good, well it’s up to the person.  The words were carefully spoken yet the gravity is always on the recipient.

IF YOU CAN’T HANDLE IT for observations and advice never impress you instead you treat them as criticisms and they insult you, well then it’s up to you.  It’s not my problem anymore and I’m not gonna add this lump to mine.  I’m just trying to be real here but it’s still on how you take it.  If you don’t wanna be told of an idea for it hurts your ego instead no matter how it’s carefully delivered then fine!  You’re not gonna here anything from me from now on.  It’s better not to say things when asked and needed rather than being misinterpreted and be used against with.  I never wished to be the reason of having your day marred but after a sincere talk and after pretending that things are so alright on your end but in reality they’re not for deep inside you you’re still not okay, then you should have thrown it straight right onto my face so I would understand rather than acting up this way.  We have already discussed it yet you’re still not letting go.

TOUGH, MAN!  I’m not here to understand and please you right at all times.  I have issues within me, too and I’m not gonna watch you showing me how you circle the drain making me feel sorry for things we actually just patched up.  It’s never gonna work on me, I’m telling you.  Actually, I’m not even sure if I mistakenly dealt with an arrogant immature child or a very difficult infantile person.


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