Writing Is My Obsession That Turned Out To Be A Hobby!

18 Feb

writingWHILE WRITING, I’ve been thinking of something sweet to stimulate my nerve cells and doze some extra sugar in my brains.  It started very lightly like I just remembered a piece of that forever Classic Chocolate Cake at Starbucks until it grew and until such time when I can hardly push it off my mind anymore and writing became to difficult for me for I was already pre-occupied.

GUESS WHAT?  A coincidence just happened this afternoon.  I was in a park just sitting for awhile before heading home right after doing what I tediously do everyday, when a friend whom I just met on the floor just passed me by again and all in a sudden, just walked to me and handed me a single pack of Jack n’ Jill Cream-O as she gave me three 130php-off ticket for Star City Ride-All-You-Can.  I was so pleased with the gesture and when I read the ticket, it clearly said in a left corner, “Do whatever He tells you!”  A verse from John 2:5.  Yes, I’ll do whatever He tells me and that’s writing.  It shouts loudly somewhere in my brains and it’s what I’ve always wanted to do.

I AM A FRUSTRATED WRITER.  I have plenty of it in my wardrobe.  It’s already my obsession that turned out to be a good hobby.  I can even sit the whole day and just simply write.  It’s my only escape from the world for everytime I write, I’m just another typical individual.  Everytime I write, I could be anybody in this world whom I could think of.  Everytime I write, everything drives off the bat.  If I could just get a full-time writing job then I’ll be the happiest person on earth.  It’s just that, it seems so impossible for everytime I make an attempt, I always get a knock off my shelf.  I wonder when my big break would be?  I wonder when could I get what I really want?

EVERYTIME I WRITE, all of my depression drift away.  I could write them all away.  They’re just at the tip of my pen and everytime I use a PC, the soft sound of the computer keys please me.  It’s the soundtrack of my life.  I’m all for writing and I’ll be waiting for that day when I could simply write the whole time.

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