A Long Empty Bench Of Waiting!

18 Feb

the triangleIT’S A HUMID LATE AFTERNOON and the warm air blows strongly.  It’s all lay-back for me for the atmosphere promotes a sleepy air though most passers-by were hurrying heading in one direction.  Everyone’s so busy in life.  Everyone’s busy on living.  Everyone’s rushing home.

WELL, IT’S ANOTHER EMPTY BENCH of waiting for me.  I’m all right here once again sitting on a long empty bench in a triangle park where I can have a good panoramic view of faraway trees where a few kids play and few tourists take pictures of.  I’m all right here to drain my brains.  I’m all right here to observe the flow of my life.  I’ve been dashing through the stream of my life lately yet looking at it now, it’s all empty.  It’s all wind up.  It’s all wasted.  I’m draining my brains right now.  I’m letting all my undying emotions go as the warm wind keeps on blowing me off.  I’m letting my mind drift as I listen to the fading noise of vehicles from a distant avenue.  Everything here is placid.  I can even sit here forever and just simply stand when all is over.

NOW, THIS GLORIOUS RAY OF an afternoon sunlight just peeped through the trees adding luminosity into the day.  It’s coming through my back giving my shoulder a sun-kiss warmth soothing enough to add a dramatic feeling into my afternoon.  I love daylight.  I love to work at daylight and go home late in the afternoon.  All I just hate are rush hours right at five where everyone’s rushing home and get jammed in a heavy traffic.

BUT BEFORE I THINK ABOUT IT, I’m once again right here sitting, listening, observing, waiting.  I don’t really know what I’m waiting for but all I know is that, I’m waiting for something to happen.  I may be simply waiting for the time to drift.  I may be simply waiting for the time to pass me by.  If I could just fall off the grass and stay right down there forever, I definitely would but it’s once again time to get up and walk the struggle.

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