Daily Prompt: The Clock

17 Feb

driveTHE NERVE WAS GROWING more painfully as its rates grew faster ticking with the rhythm of my heart.  It’s getting to my attention now so I pushed my finger to the corner of my forehead where the pain was and massage it counterclockwisely trying to get rid of the pain but everytime I stop, the pain would come back.  I then bowed my head watching my shoes making long full steps.  I watched them as they made steps on the wet sidewalk.  It rained in the afternoon and yet the street was still wet.   The breeze was cool like I can feel it passing through my palms as I kept walking.  Unfortunately, I could hardly appreciate it because of my headache.  The more I paid attention, the more the pain grew.

A SUDDEN BUMP DIVIDED my attention as a pretty girl with a Prada bag passed me from the back. She looked at me while walking ahead as she said, “Watch out, yoah!” Her grave stare made me feel so uncomfortable.   Then she hurriedly looked away walking faster leaving me in total bewilderness.

I JUST CROSSED MY EYEBROWS as I felt intimidated.  “Yah, right!”  I just simply whispered.  How could somebody act like they even deserve an apology?  She just worsen my headache.

WHILE MY EYEBROWS still crossed, I once again watched my steps as I pulled my backpack forward keeping it from falling off my shoulder.  The lights from passing vehicles were catching my eyeglasses making reflections from the corners of my eyes all added up by the lights from the posts.  This was what I really love in going home from my night shift.  The evening air and the sense of being there inverberate my tired brains.  Only tonight that I didn’t quite appreciate it because my headache just won’t go away.

FEW BLOCKS AWAY, I turned left in an alley.  Here, as I kept moving forward, the noise from the street were now slowly fading like a dream.  I can now hear the hissing of crickets, soothing sound of leaves blown by the soft wind and the barks of dogs from a faraway alley.  I looked up the sky while walking.  The waning moon was abroad by now.   Yet, it wasn’t really that visible since thin clouds were hovering over and now it’s gone.  Only its luminous lights lightened the tips of thin clouds.

AT LAST I ARRIVED HOME but before I went in, I stopped and stood by the gate where I can very well see my cousin’s parked car from the inside.  Then I leaned over the gate, took my cigarette pack and lit one.  I so love the soft clicking sound of my lighter.  It’s soothing to my ears. Sometimes, I even get confused if I really smoke because I want to inhale the smoke or just to listen to the abrupt clicking sound of my lighter and the soft flickering sound from my cigarette the first time fire lights it up.  I enhaled my first smoke and there it felt like my stress was so relieved and after I blew the smoke out of my mouth, I noticed that my head is no longer aching.  I gave my cigarette a slight smile as I once again looked down on my shoes as I moved them to get a better position.

IT TOOK ME ALMOST ten minutes to stay outside and no one was there but me, the cold breeze and my cigarette when all in a sudden, for so no coincidence, a reason or any event that may trigger, I just suddenly felt a warm soft touch like that of a finger of a little girl that ran through my nape as my hair was unkemptly raised up revealing the rest right ater it.  I startled and felt a sudden scare and goosebumps all over my nape as it really felt so creepy.  Then I was silenced for awhile as I kept my eyes widely open.  My eyes were now rapidly moving as I listened very eagerly.  My nerves were just so alert capturing every single noise.  I can very well hear the continuous hisses of crickets and the annoying monotonous sound of the night breeze.  It’s like buzzing in my ear.  Actually, it deafened my ears.  It made me feel like I was now counting my last minutes.  I really hated this feeling.  It’s giving me the impression of putting myself into fire.  Thinking of a little girl dressed in preppy dress with a red ribbon like that of the movie I just watched last night standing in front of the ballusters of the gate which I leaned on worsened it.  I forced myself to listen to any noise behind me and next door but I wasn’t really hearing anything.  It was so silent but a sudden thought that just entered my mind gave me this horrific feeling of a hide-and-sick game.  I can now imagine the litle girl standing behind me, silently watching over my back, while I was freaking out so stiff in front of the gate.  I was countng the seconds expecting another touch from her would definitely freak me out completely. Then I really completely freaked out and yelled with all my might as I heard the car door slammed and I immediately looked at the clock for so no reason and no relevance, I even wondered why I did so then I hurriedly pushed myself up and my eyes were squinting from the light and my heart was beating very fastly. Then I looked around and turned to where I heard the noise and saw my room-mate cousin entered the room and placed her bag on the little table.  I glanced my eyes around me and found myself in our shared bedroom.  I deeply sighed with relief as I closed my eyes realizing that it was all just a dream.

An entry for’s Daily Prompt: The Clock

Write about anything you’d like. Somewhere in your post, include the sentence, “I heard the car door slam, and immediately looked at the clock.”


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