Why Does A Man Act Like A Man?

10 Feb

BetrayalWHY DOES A MAN act like a man?  He always show the best of all lies at times he intervenes in your life. He makes you feel so pretty as he keeps a light on you wherever you go like a flying eagle. He comes across what seems and what really is just to have you down the hatch and when you do, he slowly unleashes his beastly perspective like stone gargoyles coming alive. Then he makes you feel so damn irrational as he now hover over you like a hungry vulture; and at times he finds himself hanging at the thin red line, he makes a dramatic scene of making a run just to get out of the fence. At times he finds half of him losing bones, he always make a quick break like all hell breaking loose. Worse is, before he bangs the door hard, he makes a punchline which is deliberately anti-climax. He picks up his trail of mud underneath his boots and shovel at your face. Worse is, there’s always a bitch involved.

AT TIMES like this, can you keep up? Honestly, you don’t have to! One reason he picks out a bitch is because he also is while you are just not.

SO LESSON is learned. Just come out clean and deal with it plainly. Just watch and make a laugh right at the borderline. Never go down at his level of bitchery because only bitches go with bitches!

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