The Lightened Candle!

09 Feb

the lightened candleCIRCUMSTANCES LATELY AROUSED that contributed to my current pot of downfall and these circumstances were just random occurrences of totally different unfortunate events.  They worsen my melancholic air where I can hardly breathe anymore.  Things are no longer smooth and my roads are now forever winding.  My walk is now even longer and my path is now even more rough.  Though how I keep on working on my track to smoothen it, I guess it’s just not gonna work afterall for mistakes have already been made and I can never be retracted anymore.  Yet, I still force to work on it though how impossible it is now.

I GOT A LOT OF THINGS to do and I still got a lot of words to say but all else is now empty where I can just simply throw them all out of the window yet, I still choose to keep them and not lose hope on them.  It’s gonna be my last shot and right after, I can then just give up.  I’m not seeing myself winning this battle anyway for it’s never near to possibilities anymore.  I just need to surpass this at least and surpassing is really taking forever.

FOR QUESTIONS NOW ARISE everywhere, from my own unquiet mind to my own land but I’m not providing answers yet.  What I’m providing right now is a commitment sincerely coming from my own rebel heart.  I have no trust issues yet those who surround me already have against me but I’m not paying attention.  Not now.  All I need this time is one last shot.  Just one time.  To ask for it may be too much.  It may be too selfish but I want to have it today and let me just cultivate it in the process.  I will earn it in the process as I go through all these.  It’s what I really need this time or else, my whole life will just be nothing but a empty suitcase.  Let me work on it in the process.  Just one last shot and that’s it.

I’VE ALREADY LOST A LOT and I’m still losing more and counting but I just cannot afford to lose this.  Give it to me.  Even just this and I’ll be forever grateful to the world.  I’ll be forever grateful that I’m still given this chance to live my life.  And I’ll really fight a very hopeless battle just to prove that that little lousy chance I’m asking for is never the biggest mistake ever given to me.  I’ll work on it everyday.  I’ll live my life one day at a time as time to will go by until I surpass this tremendous battle I’m having right now.  I’m already tired and so as those watching me but I’ll force myself not to be for this for them not be left in despair and as well, this is just the only shot I got left.

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