Beautiful People Don’t Just Happen!

09 Feb

orchidsBEAUTY IS DIFFERENTLY DEFINED by a philosopher as differently as of the rhymer while the beholder literally defines it.  But how should beauty be really defined?  From what should it be based on?  In which angle should you look at?

IT’S NOT JUST THE FACE that others see right through a person.  It’s not just the eyes, the lips nor the smiles that attract others.  It’s not just the haircut nor the lip-on that shine with the sun.  It’s not just the overall elegance that catches people’s attention.  There are some others who are physically pretty yet heartfully corrupted where intentions are overted by the behavior they manifest as these some others befriend her for the things they could benefit from and when there’s nothing left to take advantage of, they drop her right at the borderline as they throw a punchline that is deliberately anti-climax.  They just lend their ears once, twice and thrice would be enough for them to get allergic of her.  They may listen but they will not understand instead, will use it against her.  They meet her down the line and stab her at the back.  Looking at their point for at times she gets her episodes, she’s sad, depressed, irritable, mostly easily gets irritated of simple things, uncomfortable of being with for she reiterates things over and over again.  At times she feels like laughing, she just all in a sudden bursts down in tears and gets angry of something she’s not even sure of what she’s angry of.  She’s usually misinterpreted.  These some others who happened to be the normal individuals, those who are not manic-depressive, those have no disorders, those who are not Bipolar, will never understand her instead, they move away from her because she just adds up to their lumps and contribute irritants to their day.  She’s not fun to be with and they just cannot afford to give way to her all the time.  They live their lives at their own pace and they’re moving on while here she is, nailed down to depression over and over and over again.  She keeps on forcing to drive her wheels off yet, it’s already a cycle and it just happens anytime.

DESPITE ALL THAT, she still chooses to live.  She still fights her own battle and though life hits her down the dumps a lot of times, though alone, she still dusts herself off and pulls herself together.  One thing she learned in this battle, is that, she’s still human.  She’s even more human than all those some others dressed in preppy clothes and normally act and live their lives.  She’s more human because she has the will and the way to fight against her own endless battles though she’s fighting against her own unquiet mind.  As she undergoes these series of manic episodes, she slowly understands her own cycle and what other possible worse scenarios she may experience as days go by.  She slowly learns how to adjust to people and above all, to take herself for whoever she is and not for whom others wish her to be.  Through all these, she has now clearly defined what her minds are capable of and what her heart is limited to.  She has now fully defined the inner depth of her mind and how deep she could think and recall, how powerful her mind at times it mandates her of what to do and how her heart lovingly fights against all these insistence of the mind.  Her mind thinks of its own while her heart was able to mold a little instinct of its own, too.  Both of them act differently and they can hardly be controlled of leaving her helpless and fearful at times yet, despite all that, a strong will somehow within her wins her back at times she’s almost there.

THIS IS ALREADY a permanent struggle and she will always fight to win this hopeless battle.  Though she ends up questioning her life’s purpose, for why she’s still born in this life if this is what she’ll just become gifted with mania yet, cursed with depression and always being dependent on pills and medication, she’s still able to withdraw it for she knows that she dearly understands others who struggle in their own lives, too.  In just a look in the eye, she already feels exactly how they feel.  If there’s one thing she learned from this condition, it’s unerstanding others though how difficult they are to understand.  She may not just be alone in this world for there are still million others who suffer like her.  There may be million others who hide themselves on shelves scared of being judged and misinterpreted.  There may be million others who keep fighting everyday as another million others die every second as people from masquerade jump from behind their back and stab them with their sharp tongue.

WORDS COULD KILL a person.  Words could push her off the cliff.  Words could be powerful enough to end her life in just a snap of a finger.  Words could kill faster than cancer.

NOW, HOW SHOULD BEAUTY be really defined?  From what should it be based on?  In which angle should you look at?  As to say that psychiatrist, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, once wrote, “The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.” Yes, in deed.  Beautiful people don’t just happen — they’re designed!


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7 responses to “Beautiful People Don’t Just Happen!

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