A Crucial Life!

04 Feb

a_crucial_lifeWHAT’S CRUCIAL in life is not to know where it leads you.  Seeing the world from afar is too vague.  It’s a maze of ups and downs.  It’s an intersection of chances.  It’s a long empty bench of waiting.  What’s challenging is that, it’s like a wonder of who’s behind a yawning door.  It’s like finding a penny in your empty pocket; and, it’s like the air that thrills you as it startles your stomach.

DREAMS DO come true.  Poet says.  They very well express it in rhymes.  But, why are mine hiding behind my shadow?  Why are mine tumbling down in my throat as I inhale this losing smoke?  Why do I keep losing them everytime I almost get a grip of them?  I’m sitting here empty-handed with all my thoughts escaping from my sub-conscious.  Actually, I don’t know where they are from.  They just come out of nowhere invading my mind, creating thoughts of downfall and regrets.  I’m going down.  I’m sinking on this empty chair.  I’m losing all I got left.  I’m giving up from all the illusions I selfishly created.

I ONCE BELIEVED that the world was a bowl of dreams that come true.  Maybe it really is.  It just doesn’t work for me.  Or, my dreams are just too grandeur to come to life.  If I deform my dreams, will they work this time?  If I degrade them a level lower, will they be feasible?  Maybe.  Just maybe.  Just like fashion that doesn’t work for me.  Just like perfumes that wouldn’t work for my body chemistry.  I’ve had a lot and I’ve tried a lot but they all ended up having me shredded like paper trash.

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