She’s Long Gone! (You Know Where You’re At…)

30 Jan

goneTHAT GIRL you used to runaround with is long gone.  She doesn’t live here anymore.  She’s moved on with her ways and not you would be a stick that would strike her heartonce more.  She’s now drawing her own lines so far from you for you brought her nothing but trouble.  You brought her nothing but lumps in the heart.  She’s now driving her wheels and will no longer look for anything that may knock on her motor.  Meet her down the borderline and she will just watch you.  May listen but will no longer understand for you deafened her ears with the strike of your words that slashed her in half.  You left her at the time she’s drowning.  You watched her as she kept on hitting herself with the sword of your words.  You laughed at her the time she jumped off the cliff to end everything up.  Instead of pulling her out, you pushed her even more with your words that numbed her heart making her collapse in just a struck of 9 seconds.  You consumed the whole of her until the time when almost nothing is left out.

EVERYTHING MOVES, everything ends.  Life is a constant change.  This used to be a pit and she cannot stay on this grave forever.  She had now gone out of the hatch and will no longer rush through another one.  If you will, then go ahead!  Head it your way but she’s no longer going with you for you will always drop her right on the spot when everything will turn alright for you.

ANYWAYS, thanks to you.  You just made her realize that she’s still got a life to live.  If you think she’s coward, then go ahead and tag her as one.  Keep calling her one and spread it your way but I’m telling you, she’s not gonna buy your cheap talks anymore.  She’s not gonna be brave enough to lose everything that’s left on her just to please you.  Let’s just say that you’re trying to make things look expensive that she can no longer afford but do you think it’s ever worth it?  She’s no longer buying things that will only be charged on her own expense in the end.  Besides, you weren’t there when she was drowning in depression anyways.  Oh, you were actually there helping her end her life even quickly adding to her burden though you were already aware of her episodes in the first place.

STOP CRYING with your, “Baby, baby, please!” cause it’s just not gonna work anymore this time.  Afterall, she’s now moving on her way, paying more attention to the great peripherals that surround her — the REAL ONES!  You can now claim for your loss for she no longer has the heart that will absorb you anytime.  If you run the yard, she’s just gonna watch you for she no longer love this pain anymore.  She’s no longer drowning in her yesterdays, and pleasing you???  Tough!

THAT GIRL you used to runaround with is long gone.  She doesn’t live here anymore.

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