Hanging Up!

17 Jan

brokenroadsWHEN YOU WISH to run and got nowhere to go.  When you wish to get through it and nothing just figures.  When you wish all is well and everything just turned so not the way you planned it.  When you wish all just passes and the world seemed to have just stopped all over you.  When you wish you could run your thoughts and all that comes into your senses are horrific scenes.  When you wish you could feel better when all that surface in you are all disturbing emotions dominantly inviting you, consuming you, making it difficult to control.

IF I COULD JUST get a hold of all my undying emotions to lessen the gravity yet all that happens is that, my emotions get a hold of me peeling me thinly breaking my every bone, destroying my inner wall making me unstable shaking right on my very ground.  If I could just write everything I have within and set them all free yet all that happens is that, they write all over me, engraving me in with the tiniest pain I can no longer yell about making me pierces all over my body drawing blood from my every wound scarring me with failures and broken dreams.  If I could just lose all these soft voices from within hushing, whispering, saying, commanding, getting a dominance all over me creating tiny little pictures all over my mind making me lose the sense of time leaving my current situation throwing mirage all over my looking glass.  If I could just stop from entertaining all these vibes which just surface from nowhere within me destructing my mood too strong to control promoting depression giving me fears I can not understand of which about triggering my eyes to tear all suddenly at my least expected time.

I WANNA RUN, leave, travel to a place I’ve never gone yet and do nothing but just simply enjoy the moment of moving, getting on the road, just all by myself without anything to think of, without worrying about the things I left behind, without worrying about losing a track of time and clearing my thoughts from all the drivers that make me mad.  I wanna keep moving, keep moving, keep moving, nowhere to go, nowhere to head to, just move and keep moving.  I wanna run until my soles hit the cracks and my knees collapse from my bones and the ground start shaking and leaking the cracks and shaking and shaking and shaking until the whole ground will swallow me in whole making me invisible creating a sudden escape from this very momentum.

THIS IS A WORLD that’s too good to be true.  This is a world where all is lain on cards and it’s up to you to pick your ace and play the game. This is a world you got no control of all forces that drive you through.  This is a world where all you battle in the end is yourself.

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