Doesn’t Mean You’re Losing, Everybody’s Bruising…

02 Oct

broken-heartALL THE INNER WOUNDS are never healing because they’re always dressed with denial and resentment.  They’re forever aching behind the skin haunting, lurking, drawing pictures of the yesterdays.  The future is the past and the reflection is a number of mistakes being reiterated every now and then.

WHY IS IT DONE to one’s self?  Why is the self kept hidden in a suitcase?  Why is the heart always given lumps to carry on?  Why are all the doors and windows always shut off?  One’s self is left in a corner of an empty shelf as the person keeps living half alive.  The brains are the greatest weapons while the heart is the worst enemy.  Everytime war breaks out, neither wins.  The person gains nothing but colds from an icy soul.

I’M ALL TIRED of showing I’m all well and running the battle.  For seeing is deceiving while dreaming is believing, what about living?  Maybe its okay not to be okay sometimes.  Maybe it’s okay to drop my knees.  Maybe it’s okay to accept the truth that I am breaking and hurting and that I need a room to cry and enough time  to heal; for the more I try to show I’m fine, the less it’s working.  Besides, it doesn’t mean that I’m losing, others are bruising as well.

I WANNA SHOW I’m hurting but I just don’t know how to start it.  I can’t keep faking while everything else is falling of the shelf.  I’ll just park in a corner and yell and scream out everything that dwell inside me.  I wanna scream until I cry and cry until I laugh!  And just cross the bridge once I get there.

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Posted by on October 2, 2012 in The Episodes


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