Scattered And Dusted!

18 Sep

I’M NOW TOSSED DOWN the avenue of unbearable downfall right at my very own workstation.  It’s all mixed up frying me into my own pot of regrets.  I’m shutting down closing all doors and open windows keeping all in, digesting the obvious side of ugliness fancily wrapped in a cigarette rolling paper.  It’s all passing through my veins then bursting right all in destroying my every wall and comfort zone.  It’s shrinking me in, eating me all out, corrupting my every dream.

WHY D I HAVE to pass through this?  Why do I have to undergo the transition of gaining dreams and losing friends?  Why should changes be applied this drastically?  Why should it be now?  Now that I’m so unprepared.  I’m now running from all this glaring face of truth hovering over me like a hungry vulture.  I’m now sinking on my own ground merging myself in this bowl of undeniable darkness.  The more I get through it, the more it begins to make unrelated pictures of what may and what not all dancing in the rhythm of disconcertion.  A desperating air wrap me out with all this losing smoke rising up in the air.

I’M GETTING MY SHOT of life.  I’m getting my run out of the building.  I’m getting my own room of loneliness cropping my heart out making it numb like that of the nullity of shock.  I’m all scattering right on the floor.  I’m all throwing all the pieces of me.  I’m all broomed up right from my deck.

To gain is to leave, the wise said; but, should it be?  What about to gain is to stay?  Can’t it be?  Smooth transition is a greenfield but a total change of everything you’re used with and everyone you’re comfortable of being with just for the sake of growing corns on the other side of the fence, this became the turning point of majority and that sudden rip just dusted my heart out.

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