LIFE Is A Long Walk while LOVE Is The Conversation Along The Way

06 Apr

Life Is A Long Walk!

IT’S NOT TOO LONG AGO when we first had our full steps.  It’s not too long ago when we first cried for a wounded knee.  It’s not too long ago when we first wrote our names on papers.  It’s not too long ago when we first appreciated beauty in the face of another person.

AS WE LIVE LIFE, we keep walking.  As we keep walking, we gain knowledge, wisdom, beauty and feelings we never understand where they come from.  Just because the feelings confuse us, we pay more attention.  As we pay more attention, we open doors and windows, we discover new horizons, and we appreciate the greener grass on the other side of the fence.  As we move along, we realize that climbing mountains would be a lot more challenging than just simply walking the plains.  Then we prefer to swim seas than just to toss in the river.  And out of curiosity, just to know how high the cliff is, we take a closer look — that’s when we fall!  And when we fall, that’s when we realize that it’s deeper than we thought it is.  After we hurt ourselves, that’s when we regret and wish we just simply walked the plains.

EVERYBODY GETS A PIECE of the heart that has fallen and been torn into half.  Chance may not be that absolute and not all cliffs deserve a second chance but life itself is already a count.  There is so much more to life!  So why not slow down and pay more attention to the great peripherals.  It’s what life is spent for anyways.  There’s a lot in the world that’s priceless.  There’s a lot in the world that we can only appreciate once.  There’s a lot in the world that once we pass over, we can never have back.  Life is just full of surprises.  You fall here and there yet the world will never end.  So why stop walking?  Afterall, there’s still a long way to walk ahead — and oh! Don’t be scared to fall on cliffs next time. Just make sure you deserve it!


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2 responses to “LIFE Is A Long Walk while LOVE Is The Conversation Along The Way

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