Exit Wounds!

14 Aug

A THOUSAND SCARS left out of a wound.  They scattered all over my heart surfacing from within.  They’re leftovers of the yesterdays which I lingered for so many endless months.  They’re shouting out at the pitch of the pain my voice can no longer reach.  They’re chasing away the stabs that crippled my heart.  They’re forever watching over like larks in the night.  They’re creeping all over leaving my heart tired and losing as it keeps on dropping itself from the edge of my consciousness leaving me broken into million pieces.  It marks my days out of the calendar.  It drowns me down into the lake of my own tears as my heart submerges under it’s own scars.   I keep breaking the bow that slashes me in half, throw it out in the air yet it keeps hitting right into the fences of my wound reaping the scars making up another one.

I’M RUNNING AWAY NOW.  I’m running away from the road that I keep tracking down.  I’m running away though my legs are now breaking as my soles are now cracking the lines.  They feel so loaded and want to drop me down on the ground.  There must be a way out of here.  There must be an emergency exit.  I’m now losing my bones as I keep heading off the shelf yet I still end up on the same Avenue.

I DON’T KNOW how much more this heart can take but I’m now dying of my own scars!

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Posted by on August 14, 2011 in The Episodes


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