Winding Road…

12 Aug
WHAT IF THE SMOOTH ROADS turn rough as the short walks turn long and winding? What if everything you thought you have at hand are no longer with you? What if you’re already losing the precious materials you’ve been holding on to life? What if your dream is no longer rational because it’s really empty when you thought it was not?
I’VE BEEN TRACKING DOWN this road forever and everytime I make a step, the ground shakes.  The road keeps moving away as this walk takes longer.  It takes a hard pull to drag me off the soil as it keeps breaking apart right from my very eye.  I’m now losing my empty cup as my boxes are slowly fallin’ off the ridge.  Worse is, I’m now fallin’ off my years as well.
EVERYTHING I’M HOLDIN’ ON are now gone to waste.  They’re all dropping off right from my very hands.  I thought it’s alright.  I thought it will be fine but things still turned out the same.  I’m still tracking down the avenue of the damned.
WHY SHOULD IT BE AS COMPLICATED as it is? It’s all broken into million pieces as the sun soaks into the sea to give way to darkness. It’s all wrecked and hollow pulling me down hard as this formless air of desperation is cropping me inside out. It’s so undeniable. Worse is, the more it centers into my attention, the more it grows heavier like it just simply drops me onto my knees as my eyes water with me not noticing it.
I’VE BEEN A STRANGER FOREVER and I’ve always been alone.  No matter how I head myself off on another way, I still keep ending up on the same street.
I GUESS IT’S JUST IT.  I guess it’s just forever broken.  I so hate winding roads. They tear me apart!
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